Banner Printing in London

What is Banner Printing?

Banner printing is done in PVC materials. The main motive of banners is the outdoor advertising. Every business people from small crews to big corporate giants uses the printed banners for advertising and other purposes. Banner prints can be done in two types of materials like matte vinyl and the gloss vinyl. Based on the usage and instalment place the material will be chosen. Banner printing may be done in simplex or duplex method. Simplex is single side print and the duplex is double side print. Mostly the simplex method is used.

Properties of Banners:

Vinyl banners have either gloss or matte finish
Banners are UV resistant
Banners are water resistant
Banners can withstand any weather conditions
Banners are durable for 4 to 5 years without any fade effect

Based on the usage and the weather condition that it is sustained to, its durability can be calculated. After printing the banner, the finishing can be done in many ways like grommets, pole pockets, flags, etc. If the banners need to be fixed permanently, then frames can be used. Or else if they are temporary then the pole pockets or eyelet can be used.

Types of Banners:

The main two types of materials used for banner printing are the matte vinyl banner and the glossy vinyl banner. The matte vinyl is rough and mostly used in the outside hoardings. The gloss vinyl banners are little shiny than matte and used in indoor advertising as well. The gloss vinyl produces a glare effect when any light source incident on them. The matte vinyl is rough and is free from smudges, scratches, fingerprints, etc. Whereas the gloss vinyl may contain the smudges and fingerprints.

Usage of Banners:

Banner’s main use in consumers point of view is advertising. The banners may be used for promoting their brands, products, etc. Despite this use, the banners may also be used for other purposes like background displays for wedding, etc. This types of banners cane also are used in birthday parties, collage functions, etc. Banners can be used in tough weather conditions as it can withstand to certain high temperature and resist heavy air.

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