Vinyl Printing, Monomeric or Polymeric which is better?

Vinyl printing banners are made of different solvents based on the place where it is going to be placed or hoarded. Digitally printed banners are either eco solvent, aqueous water based, UV curable inkjet inks or solvent based inks. These vinyl inks contains the durable pigments which makes the vinyl banners long lasting and highly durable. The other types used in the vinyl printing are monomeric vinyls or polymeric vinyls.

Vinyl Film:

Vinyl is the Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) material. This type is the thermoplastic material. The advantage about this material is that they can be reprocessed using heat. Self adhesive vinyl is most commonly used in the printing industries for making the signs. There are various types of self adhesive vinyls. This each type has the unique characteristics and quality that is different from others. Vinyl is not an natural material available, it is the man made synthetic material from ethylene and chlorine. When the ethylene and chlorine are processed they combine to form the vinyl material called Poly vinyl chloride.

vinyl film

Cast Vinyl Film:

Cast vinyls are manufactured in the less stress process than the calendered vinyls. Cast vinyls are manufactured by using the thin film of resin poured over the surface, this gives the super smooth finishing to the surface. While the calendered vinyls are manufactured differently by using the rolled process which is more stressful resulting in the less dimensional stability of the material.

Monomeric Vinyl:

Monomeric vinyls uses the plasticisers with low molecule size which will have more molecular migration within them and so it will have more effect on laminates and adhesives used. These close molecule chains will also make the material brittle and result in the shrinkage when used in the tough environments.

Polymeric Vinyl:

Polymeric vinyls uses the plasticisers with large molecule size which will have less molecular migration between them and also has less effect on the adhesives. Due to the large size molecules, they are resistant to any tough environments. Polymeric banners will not have any shrinkage and brittle effect in them.

Which is better monomeric or polymeric vinyl?

As the molecular size differs from the monomer and polymer. The polymeric vinyls are far better than the monomers as it contains the large molecular size to withstand the tough conditions. So the polymeric vinyls are preferred for the better finishing and long durability.

Monomeric Vs Polymeric

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