Vinyl vs Polyester backdrops for photography

What is vinyl backdrop?

Dinesh Kumar VM
May 13, 2017 · 3 min read

A vinyl backdrop is a PVC material which is more flexible, portable and easy to clean between shoots. The vinyl backdrops are durable and strong. The matte vinyl is used as a photography backdrop which is glare free. The storage of matte vinyl is also simple that it can be simply hanged horizontally in the storage rack. The Photographers who need to buy the quality backdrops at the more economical cost can go for the vinyl backdrops.

Is polyester backdrops suitable for Photography?

The advantage of using polyester fabrics over the vinyl material is that the polyester backdrops are free from shrinkage and wrinkles. The polyester backdrops are washable, and it is long durable than the vinyl material. The polyester fabrics are resistant to most of the chemicals.

White Backdrop

Polyester vs vinyl backdrops:

Vinyl banners cant be stored indoor by folding as it will lead to wrinkles and shrinkage, whereas polyester vinyl can be folded in any form and can be stored. Cleaning dirt in vinyl backdrops is done just by wiping and cleaning whereas polyester backdrops are washable. Polyester backdrops are resistant to wear, and tears whereas vinyl are not. Glossy vinyl may reflect the camera flash, but the polyester fabrics will absorb it rather than reflecting. Vinyl backdrops can be stored only in rolled manner or in hangings to avoid wrinkles whereas the polyester backdrops can be stored in any manner like folding, etc.

Polyester backdrop

Usage of backdrops:

The backdrops are used to capture the perfect picture inside the studio. The solid backdrops are normally used. Backdrops are used in the film industry to shoot the scene inside the studio and visualize as it happens in the particular environment outside. The backdrops are usually the artificial background which can be edited and replaced by any other natural environments like the beach, forest, etc. Backdrops are available in solid colours like black, white, green, etc. Backdrops can also make personalized by vinyl printing. Chromakey green body suite is utilized by youtube video makers, motion movie creators, and so forth. Chroma key material is rich quality cotton yarn which gives the best photographic foundations and guarantees good editing of pictures and videos by Chroma key software.

Chromakey backdrop

Best polyester and vinyl backdrops in UK: in the UK provides the best backdrops for your photography and other purposes. The several types of backdrops available at the are white, black, chromakey green, etc. Best banners in vinyl printing are also done by backdropsource.

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