Some kid has ignited firecrackers again

Okay so some kid has ignited firecracker again! And our capital is running behind that kid.

I have multiple basic questions:

Why do these debates start in our capital?

Are there no good colleges other than those in our capital?

Don’t the colleges other than those in our capital have freedom to debate on such fundamental concepts like nationalism?

Or the colleges in our capital don’t have good enough professors who can help students with their doubts about fundamental concepts?

I am not saying you need to be bald and have white beard to discuss the fundamental concepts or to coin redefinition of those. Young miracles do and should exists. But are these kids really contemplating on their stand and are ready to convince others about their ideology or do they want to runaway with “I had enough. I am just 20?”. I agree that threats can cause of people leave debates but then did the person choose right platform to start the debate? e.g. no physicist after ground breaking invention go at Times Square and start yelling at people “You all losers, all of your concepts are wrong”. [Hint: He would go to scholarly conference and present his finding.]

I even understand people like to talk jibber-jabber without thoroughly thinking what they are blabbering. But I am not sure why such incidents foment whole country? Because insignificant people express their political/philosophical views all the time and do we care about everyone’s opinion? Or capital’s citizens’ nonsense talk carries more weight than other citizens?

Debates are always good as they advance the shared wisdom. But are these real philosophical/academic debates or those fueled by political interests? Or maybe media don’t know what to do with their spare time [hint: watch John Oliver]?