Installing OpenPilot on a Oneplus 3t via Windows 10 for the Lay Person.

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3 min readDec 17, 2019
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By now if you’re looking this up, you’ve most likely read up on OpenPilot, and decided you want to give it a try and try out the world of Level 2 assisted driving. This guide is going to be how you can flash the open source software onto an op3t that you own already. With that said I highly suggust purchasing the original EON from to support their continued development.

Required Downloads:






Download and install Python, Git, Andoid Platform Tools, and img2simg.exe.

Place img2simg.exe into: C:\op for a future step.

Download the zip of EON Neos and extract it into folder on C, call it op. So c:/op

Change (or just download it edited here and overwrite existing file)via notepad or any text editor (Add # in front of the os.system and add those two lines after):

#os.system(“rm -f %s; ln -s %s %s” % (finalname, fn, finalname))
os.system(“del /f %s > NUL 2>&1” % (finalname))
os.system(“copy %s %s > NUL 2>&1” % (fn,finalname))

Open Powershell, and type in:

cd C:/op

Run the script by typing in powershell:


This should download the image files needed for open pilot. At this point you then need to:

Type in:

powershell “Expand-Archive -DestinationPath .\ .\”

Type in:

img2simg.exe files/system.img system.simg

Fastboot into your Oneplus 3t:

Turn off you OnePlus 3T. Then turn it back up by pressing the volume up and power button at the same time. This will then load a screen called fastboot. At this point connect your USB cable from the phone to the PC. This should connect the devices together.

In powershell navigate to the android platform-tools directory:

cd :/ C:adb-fastboot\platform-tools

type in:

fastboot devices

If you get a bunch of number/letters next to the work fastboot, that means your successfully connected. If you can’t get this to work you can research it by searching google for how to successfully connect oneplus 3t to fastboot.

Flashing OpenPilot onto your Oneplus 3T:

At this point via powershell go back to the op folder and flash the system files:

cd :/

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastboot flash boot files/boot.img
fastboot flash system files/system.simg

The last one will take a bit of time. Once that is done enter the following:

fastboot erase userdata
fastboot format cache
fastboot reboot

At this point it will reboot. Connect to your wi-fi, click next and then choose Select “Custom Software (Advanced)” then enter

At this point it’ll install OpenPilot and once it’s restarted will look for any new updates and update automatically.

Congrats! You have successfully installed Openpilot onto your Oneplus 3T. I do hope you will support by purchasing more of their gear, comma prime, and any future products they sell in order to continue developing openpilot into the awesome software we can now enjoy!

If you need more help this video made by spike kito should help:



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