Promoting Your Book on Facebook

As a self-published author, social media can be a great opportunity to promote your book to a huge audience. Here is some advice and pointers on promoting your book (and yourself) on one of the biggest platforms today, Facebook. With over a billion users Facebook is still a force not to be ignored.

So, what is the first step to getting in front of the Facebook throng? Create a Facebook page for you and your book. Create a profile picture for your author page of yourself, so every time you post, your image is getting seen. Create an eye catching book page for your like page. Use a quality image of your book cover as your Timeline on your like page. It’s a great beginning to generate a following and to connect with readers who are looking for your work.

Hearing crickets? Don’t know where to start?

The first step is easy. Invite your friends and family to “Like” your book page and ‘friend’ your author page. Ask them to interact and share your page with their friends. Your community is growing. Now, what do you post? Chat with your following. Share the things you like. Share what your following is enjoying but be careful not to drown your peeps in posts about your books.

That doesn’t mean you can never talk about your books, just don’t let it be all that people see when they come to your page(s). Post news and blurbs; things your fans are waiting to hear about but keep it to a minimum. If you are having a book signing or event, share that great news, and ask your friends to do the same. Word will spread. You will grow.

Here are some other helpful things you can do to increase your following:

Put important information in the “About” section of your page, such as where to buy your books, your blog, website, twitter, or anywhere you want to direct your followers.

Events are a fantastic way to increase awareness about your books. Ask your Facebook friends to share your event and post it on your book’s page. List all of the important information about the event, including prizes and give-a-ways on your pages.

Excerpts and picture blurbs from your book(s) are a great way to give your peeps a look at what your writing is all about. Intrigue the public. They’ll cry for more.

Marketing your book is time consuming but rewarding, and Facebook will help you find your audience who in turn will spread the word. Oh, I almost forgot. Write the book .