All Change. Mind the gap.

Guest Post by Eddie, aka @KarenJones64, one of the original VMC’s of the VMmovement, who loves to enable others to reach their best potential.

2017 is the 6th year of the VMmovement’s Thoughtful Thursday sessions! The VMmovement has been an influencer in those 6 years helping to create big change to our profession in moving forward, becoming stronger, becoming valued. In that time Thoughtful Thursdays has developed nervous bloggers into confident writers/bloggers/speakers/advocates, given people a platform to explore from, created new voices in the profession, developed new leaders, enabled others to connect with each other and enhanced everyone’s awareness and CPD.

HEY Check out page 99!

It has become a Movement that everyone now talks about, so much so that it has also featured in an essential book called ‘The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook’ by Jayne Cravens and Susan J Ellis.

Many improvements and changes have taken place in our field, from improved accredited training to the awareness of the role of a leader/manager of volunteers, plus accessing information is now easier than it has ever been with even more information available at the click of a button. We also need to be more flexible to embrace change quicker than before to develop and personally grow. The biggest change and challenge for the Vmmovement in 2017 is that we have had to move from our great cosy home that was as sadly they will be closing down at the end of February, therefore we are going to try out a new home here. We don’t know if there will be teething troubles but let’s see what happens, we don’t know if this is an ideal site for us but we will deal with any glitches when they pop up or re format how we do things. So please mind the gap.

This month there is no big topic or blog around change, just this to reflect on, tell us about, share with us and help everyone with ideas for January 2017…
Some people do not like change and find it hard to deal with whilst many others embrace it, making plans of action for it to happen, so this month it’s an easy one so that everyone from newbies to the experienced can take part in any of our questions shown below that appeal to you; 
• Are you planning any changes/improvements to the way you work in 2017 and what are they? How will you do them?

Share with us any actions will you take to improve your CPD over the next 12 months?
• What changes would you like to make to improve your role, how would you do that?
• Do you have any tips for those that find change difficult?

What changes to Thoughtful Thursdays might you have? We would like to hear them and improve this site for you.

Please find time to take part and comment here and share with others, don’t be afraid to ask for support if you need it, don’t be shy of offering help to those that ask. If you have a response you can fit in 140 characters over on Twitter then let’s try using the old hashtag #ttvolmgrs so we can all view them over this month when we all have time.

Please note another change to Thoughtful Thursdays for this year is that the blogs will now only be monthly, not every week. The blog will go up here in our new home,, on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

Share your Thoughts or ideas on Thoughtful Thursdays

We also seek new bloggers if you fancy having a go, in fact we will also support you in your first effort if need be, plus we will have some great well known voices in the sector also putting in an appearance. Why only once a month you ask? We had noticed in the past 18 months the readership was still there but the comments or replies had dropped off. On investigation we found that the reader just didn’t have the time to digest and respond during that Thursday — just one of the great changes I am seeing across the profession at this moment are that demands on our time have greatly increased and we are not investing enough in our own CPD because of it. So we hope that by posting up the blog once a month you can pop by and respond on any Thursday during that month till the next post goes up and the topic changes.

Should you be interested in offering us a blog then do get in contact, we value your voice.

Let’s all make one small change to make a huge difference and the gaps disappear.

Some Thoughtful Reading for you all for 2017!
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