I personally found the horticulture society appealing. The idea is simple, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live on a farm and grow fruits and vegetables. The idea of waking up and tilling the ground, watering crops, and harvesting them when they are ripe, possibly selling them to neighbors, sounds really cool, in theory. In general I find this current society the most entertaining and beneficial.

If I were to go back to the horticulture culture now, after living in this current society for so long, I would probably become bored and restless within a couple of weeks. I would also be exhausted from all of the physical labor. Our current society has a lot of benefits compared to the horticulture society. For example, our current culture has many ways to be entertained and interact with other people. The other culture does not have these luxuries.

Regarding alienation, I would say I experience alienation from others the most, though not the same way as the example used in the book “Workers compete, rather than cooperate. Employees vie for time slots, bonuses, and job security.” (Openstax, nd, pg 82). I am currently taking online courses for example, which alienates me from my peers in a way because we do not physically interact. I am also alienated from my friends in my life because we have different schedules, we live too far from each other, or I do not have a car to drive to meet them somewhere.

Thinking of some of the statuses I have “the responsibilities and benefits that a person experiences according to their rank and role in society” (Openstax, nd, pg 86) some of them would be my status as the oldest child in the family, the oldest female child in my family, being a college student, being a gamer and book worm, my status of being odd, and being a good cook. The statuses of being a student, gamer, book worm, and good cook are achieved statuses because I was given the choice to have the statuses under my belt. The statuses of being the eldest child and female child are ascribed statuses as I did not choose to have them as a status. I would also consider the status of being odd as ascribed as I did not choose to have the status, my family members gave it to me.