Sprinter Vans — The Versatile And Safe Vehicles

Sprinter vans are known to be fuel efficient and versatile vehicles. Custom sprinters for sale can be put to both private and commercial use. The German built vehicles originally carried the logo of Mercedes Benz. It was in 2003, that the vehicles began being sold as Dodge sprinters in America. Over the years, the vehicles have been modified and redesigned to meet the requirements of clients in a better way. The technology advanced vehicles offer numerous distinct features including well-built and powerful engines, fuel economy and large payload.

Different versions of sprinter vans

Sprinter vans are available in many versions. A sprinter van for sale Florida may be ordered as either a cargo or passenger van. The passenger versions of the vehicle come with spacious seating. They also have an additional width of 2 inches which ensures ample legroom in each row. The passenger versions also have high roofs. This makes maneuvering inside the van easy and convenient.

For cargo versions, there is an option to choose a higher roof measuring 6 foot 4 inches. The higher roofs in Limos for sale Florida increase their carrying capacity and also ensure plenty of room. The seating in these vans is not standard. The number of seats may hence be customized according to individual needs. However, the seating capacity of these vans is limited to 12 passengers.

Despite of the large seating capacity and cargo space offered, a sprinter conversion van for sale looks extremely stylish and sleek. These vehicles are available in more than 20 colors and are beautifully accented with chrome and black. There are many options and color choices available for the interiors. A choice may be made between vinyl and cloth seat covers.

Apart from being stylish, a sprinter passenger van for sale has numerous safety features. These features enhance the value of the vehicle. The unique rear park system proves to be extremely beneficial for users. The feature allows drivers to detect obstructions using sound waves. This ensures that the drivers back up smoothly and safely. The rear view and side mirrors also contain light monitors. These monitors alert the driver about the distance between stationary objects and the vehicle. The rear view camera fitted in these vans also helps in backing up by giving a visual to the driver about any obstructions that may be present behind the vehicle. The camera also has a screen of 3.5 inches in the cap.

Few additional features in these vehicles include automatic light beam adjustments and halogen headlamps. These features help in keeping the headlights at an appropriate level even while heavy loads are being hauled. The vehicles have rain and light sensors which help in turning on the headlamps automatically.


Sprinter vans offer several advantages. They consist of many distinct features which make them good cargo and passenger vehicles. The sprinter vans are highly functional and yet look extremely stylish.