Why is a Sprinter the perfect transit vehicle?

We have all traveled in cars, and with a seating capacity of four or six, and for closed family gatherings, this worked best. But when the gathering is large, or when you need to use the vehicle commercially to carry more number of people per trip, a Sprinter is the perfect solution.

Why a sprinter?

  • With a seating capacity of twelve, Sprinters actually can comfortably seat twelve people and can be used for round trips in style.
  • The additional seating might be extra useful in cases where a large number of people are to be seated.
  • Sprinters come in four different varieties, the commuter shuttle, the paratransit shuttle, the airport shuttle and the hotel shuttle, and these can seat a maximum of eighteen people based on the design used.
  • The wide wheelbase makes sure the vehicle is sturdy and fit for comfortable long distance rides.
  • The four and six cylinder turbocharged diesel engine helps in powerful, noiseless movement and the seven speed automatic TRONIC transmission ensures a smooth drive.
  • There are many safety features integrated into the vehicle like the Load — Adaptive Electronic Stability Program, the High beam assist, collision prevention assistance and lane keeping assist.
  • The Sprinter is also pleasing on the eye with refined interiors, connectivity and Becker® MAP PILOT Navigation System

The luxury aspects:

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the perfect blend of Minibus and VIP suite. It is luxury redefined, bringing the best of the business class elegance into an RV van. You can even get custom Sprinters for sale that are modified to suit your specific needs.

The vehicle is the best example of craftsmanship and innovation, and the Mercedes-Benz-Benz vans are quickly made unique and customized by the Midwest Automotive Design LLC. The customization is done to meet the highest expectations of the owner and are focused on providing the best performance, comfort and convenience. The existing state of the art technology is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle during customization and the final vehicle is designed with ‘ease of use’ as the primary target.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can be used as a mobile office and has the class and elegance normal shuttle buses lack. It can be used for convenient working on the go and can even involve the luxury aspect with functionality. Bringing the complete package into an appropriate price bracket, many companies offer Sprinter Vans for Sale, Florida.

The companies also sell executive coach builder and even offer Limos for sale Florida and this means you get access to the best of luxury class vehicle in your reach. These vehicles can be changed and customized as per needs and that is one of the reasons why they are bought from these custom designers.

Many companies offer Sprinter Conversion Van for Sale and Sprinter Passenger Van for Sale, bringing luxury a step closer to you. VMT designers are forever committed to bringing the best in class Mercedes-Benz-Benz Sprinter vans and customized Limousines for sale in and around the State of Florida.