I Can Pay My Rent Because Somebody Sold Something

My job doesn’t require me to sell.

Yeah. I’m better than that. A higher form of human. I do meaningful things…I fix problems…I create reports…I manage people…I get projects done.

Sales people are know-nothings. Smarmy and sleazy and all about turning a relationship into a buck…they don’t care, or they’re too lazy, about practicing a real craft like me.

No wonder prospects tell them no. Hang up on them. Reschedule or flat out cancel their meetings.

Plus they always call me at the worst time. When I’m busy doing my job. Interrupting me to ask about a product feature. Telling me a prospect’s story. Needing me to send them documentation.

All they seem to talk about is revenue and sales for the quarter. Is that all they care about? So what if you’ve got a quota dude, you chose your life.

Well…at least that ain’t me. I’ve got a steady paycheck and my last review was good…

At the end of a quarter they’re especially annoying.

“How’s this customer doing? I want to talk to them about…”

“I’ve got a call with a prospect, really need some of your time…”

“If I sell x to y, do you think you could deploy it by z?”

They come and go quickly…especially the new ones. Good luck Man…

Except for the ones that make Club…they stay around longer.

Oh well. I hear the company did ok this year. Brought in a couple big customers. I’ll get my bonus.

I’ll pay my rent.

No matter how clever or good you are at your job, if your sales people aren’t successful, your job’s not going to last.