Offbeat Locations to Explore with Your Friends

Travelling makes you happy throughout the year, and it also reduces stress and makes you feel free. When you are with friend, everything seems to be the best, vibrant and cheerful. So in this section, I will introduce some places that should be visited along with your best one.


In this section, you are tripping with your friends, so the possibilities and fun could be higher compared to the family outing. The Shimla — Kullu — Manali is a famous travelling destination among every age group. You might have get inspiration from the Bollywood films ( I have the same experience, and I got inspired from one Bollywood film).

Please follow the link to see the places to visit in Shimla — Kullu — Manali.


The white water rafting in Rishikesh have won many hearts around the world. And it’s a true fact. Along with the domestic travelers, the Rishikesh attracts many international travelers also. Along with the river rafting, the Uttarakhand tourism arranges many other activities such as, beach camps, forestry camps, etc..


I think, there is no need of explanation why Goa in this section. I know that, Goa should be there in your places to visit list. Goa is the ultimate destination, when you need a cool vacation in India. As a friends zone, I will suggest you with the North Goa for you. This area is always in a party mode. You can add Sunburn festival, and trek to Dudhsagar waterfalls along with your other “Goa trip intention”.


The Scotland of the South- Coorg has everything, that nature lover should have. Due to majestic beauty and cool climate, coorg has a special place among the hill stations.


Do you love to trek? Do you love trekking through a frozen river? The chadar trek will offer you such an experience. Zanskar is a wild river flowing through the inaccessible canyons of Ladakh. During January and February, the river freezes and calms down.

In the upcoming blog, we can discuss more about the offbeat places to visit with your friends. Keep reading the blog. You can also book the India tour packages through our website.