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One hack that can drastically increase your chance of Success

Life is a journey, and we have our share of failures and successes. Failure also includes our inability to execute things the way we want them to. When we fail at things, we typically question our potential, our capabilities, the effort we put in or our sheer luck. Often, these are simple tasks or goals we fail around. Moreover, we approach these tasks by visualizing worst possible end-result.

On the other extreme, we all have instances when we succeed at seemingly impossible tasks. Most of these instances are as a result of fear or an urgency impending from an emergency, a deadline or a risk. In such cases, you forget about your potential or capabilities. You even stop counting how much effort you have put in. Your approach to the tasks changes dramatically to the point that you discard all worst-case possibilities for the end-result. You just trick your mind into believing in things! Isn’t this the magic sauce for success?

What if we turn this belief system upside down? Instead of the situations and experiences teaching us to believe, what if we hack our beliefs? What if we approach our tasks with a different set of beliefs about outcomes? Leading life coaches and interactive learning systems are exactly using this hack to improve your odds of success.

How Achievers sets themselves apart

Tony Robbins, a world-famous life coach, has been coaching high profile celebrities, politicians, sports personalities and CEO’s over past thirty years. Tony beautifully explains how Achievers get their momentum to set and achieve audacious goals using his Belief-Potential-Actions-Results frame.

We all have immense potential to do great things. We put great efforts to achieve the needed results. However, one thing that Achievers do well is to start with a firm belief that he/she is going to produce great results.

This belief or assuming an absolute certainty about the outcome sets Achievers apart from the rest. Hacking our belief system is a biggest change we can make to unlock our full potential to act and produce results.

You can watch Tony discussing this framework in detail.

How belief impacts brain waves

There is also an empirical evidence for this concept of belief. Hacking our belief system changes the way the neuron’s fire in our brain. Last week, I was at the Consciousness Hackathon Meetup in Palo Alto. Chris Berka, CEO and Founder of Advanced Brian Monitoring, Inc., discussed her research on brain dynamics of top athletes at their peak moments. Their team modeled psychophysiological characteristics of Golfers, Archers, and Rifle marksman to empirically understand the brain state that helped them to obtain their best shot. You can find the results of this experiment in the International Journal of Sport & Society.

The results were startling. The masters had either of the two things going through their mind just before the shot

  1. A checklist of things ( such as posture, balance, surrounding conditions)
  2. Visualization of a best shot

It points to the fact that masters conditioned their mind with a belief of a successful shot. By visualizing a perfect shot, they develop a sense of certainty that the next shot will go exactly same as their best shots in the past.

These perfect shots were characterized by increased EEG activity in the bands of theta (3–7 Hz) and alpha (8–12 Hz) brain waves. These brain states were recorded as reference psychophysiological profiles for company’s biofeedback device. This device is capable of generating real-time biofeedback signals by comparing trainees’ brain state (using EEG) with the expert reference profiles.

Novice athletes were trained to visualize a perfect shot in conjunction with the devices’ biofeedback mechanism, essentially hacking their belief that their next shot will perfectly land on the target. The technique significantly improved performance of these novice athletes and yielded ~230% improvement of their pre-shot theta and alpha brain waves — an empirical proof of how conditioning the belief system can improve the chance of success.

Try and share your feedback

Try this belief hack for your next task. Instead of worrying about your capability or potential (not that they are not important), focus on the ideal outcome. See if it changes your entire approach to the problem. Drop a note if it worked for you. If you have your secret formula for success, I would love to hear that as well.

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