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.Net Core Worker Services was shipped as part of .Net Core 3.0. It is a new type of application template that allows you build long running services in .Net Core.

Although you can create and host .Net Core Applications that are just worker services, i.e that is all there is to the application, a couple of non-user interruptible process that just run and perform an action over and over again depending on the constraints you give to it, you can also create …

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Sometimes, It becomes necessary that we create an endpoint in our web application that returns some JSON, XML or other response format that isn’t html. A good example of this scenario is for health checks, we want to create an endpoint that an orchestrator like Kubernetes, can call to find out the health of the system, this endpoint will be required to return JSON formatted response to the orchestrator or health checker.

Creating view models allows us return just html, however, Dotvvm has a nice feature called Presenters which we will be using to implement the desired feature.

Dotvvm presenters…

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What is Dotvvm?

Dotvvm is an open-source web application development framework, for the .Net Framework and Dotnet Core. It allows you to build web applications in either the traditional .Net Framework or the more modern Dotnet Core framework. It is also a member project of the Dotnet Foundation.

Dotvvm Web Applications are built using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) approach, which is a delight for developers used to building mobile apps with this approach as they are already familiar with the patterns and concepts. Dotvvm makes it easy for developers just coming from the MVC way of doing things, or just learning the MVVM model…

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There are several ways to deploy your applications nowadays, with advanced automation, CI/CD platform offerings, and much more. However, sometimes you really just need to quickly manually deploy a small application without all the bell or whistles, this article shows you how to deploy a DotVVM application to an Azure Web Application.


To follow this article, you should already have the following

· A Dotvvm/Asp.Net Core Application ready for deployment and using git for source control

· An Azure account with a valid subscription

Creating an Azure Web App

Log into your Azure Account and create a new…


With the shift from Monoliths to Microservices for Web Services Architecture, It has become even more necessary than before to have proper monitoring.

Monitoring amongst many things, tells us; is this application, or service or endpoint healthy enough to receive requests? Developers need to be able to access this information from time to time to ensure application uptime, but perhaps this information is even more useful to orchestrators like Kubernetes, Service Fabric and several others.

Since these orchestrators typically destroy nonresponsive instances/containers/pods and replace them with healthy instances, they should be able to tell when a service becomes unhealthy.

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Containerization has changed the way web developers deploy applications across many stacks, and no less so in the dotnet world.

Some benefits of containerization are listed below:

  • Applications run on identical environments both during development and in production.
  • Maximize resources by running multiple identical versions of applications.
  • Maximize resources by running different applications on the same server all isolated into their virtual (container) environment.

In this article, we take a look at dockerizing a web application built with DOTVVM, a modern MVVM web application development framework.


We assume familiarity with the following concepts/technologies:

  • Docker/Docker Compose
  • YAML

Depending on your operating…

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In this post we talk about how to configure and run background jobs in a Dotvvm Application. Some of the questions you may ask yourself when you decide to use Dotvvm is if you can use the same frameworks and tools you’re used to when you’re using Asp.NetCore, the answer is yes, and this post shows you how to use hangfire in Dotvvm.


Most Web Application/Web Sites follow a simple request/response pattern; the user makes a request to a url and a view is returned to their browser, or they send information through input fields, some processing is done, and…

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In the first part of this article, we created an empty Dotvvm Web Application and added authentication/authorization to it. We also very clearly highlighted the difference between the two and use cases. In this second part, we will continue to build out our leave management application.

Adding a View Employees Page

We need a page that lets us view all employees in the system. This page will be accessible to only system administrators and HR personnel.

Add a folder named Administration to the Views Folder, In this folder, create a Employees.dothtml page. …

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Authorization is often confused with Authentication especially with beginners learning about both concepts for the first time. Let’s look at what they are.

We will build a simple Leave Request Application in Dotvvm for employees to request for leave, and HR can approve or deny these requests.


Authentication involves protecting your application from unauthorized access. The most common way of achieving this for most websites is to mandate all users using the website to create an account and get access to the site using a username/email and password.

Authentication tells us who is using our application at a point in…

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Hello Guys,

Today we will take a look at how websites work. The questions I answer in this article are: what really happens when you type in that website’s address in a browser and hit enter? Why can you see that search bar at Where does it all come from? To understand the concepts explained in this article, you need no prerequisite knowledge about technology at all! Yes, you read that right, nothing.

Let us begin from the most basic of the concepts. Before you can visit a website, you need to know the website’s address. Two very popular…

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