VNX: decentralized marketplace for VC investors


Bridging the gap between venture capital and crypto industries

VNX is developing the world’s first decentralized marketplace and trading platform, where investors can buy and sell tokenized investment portfolios of venture capital funds and accelerators

· Building the world’s first regulated security token marketplace

· Unlocking liquidity in the $ 1th global venture capital industry

· Providing access to venture capital to “Main Street” investors

· Leveraging Luxembourg as Europe’s leading financial hub

· Providing a new way for funds to raise capital

Venture capital 
is major driver of innovation and generates attractive returns, yet not accessible to “Main Street” investors

By creating a regulated marketplace we are unlocking venture capital for millions of “ordinary” investors

Venture capitalists will be able to convert their existing investment portfolios into liquid digital assets

By listing a VC portfolio on VNX, 
liquidity will be unlocked and new sources of capital leveraged

We’ve developed a fully functional prototype 
that lays the groundwork for a robust and regulatory compliant platform

Our aim 
is to become the main platform for tokenised investment funds by 2022

| July 2018 — Application for license |
| 2019 — Launch of the platform |
| 2020 — Geographical expansion |
| 2021 — Opening the platform to other investment classes |