Vo1t Announces Strategic Partnership with Curv to Offer Insured Hybrid Wallet

Nov 14, 2019 · 3 min read

London, Thursday 14th of November.

Vo1t, a security ecosystem offering custody and yield services for digital assets, and Curv, the industry’s first cloud-based institutional digital asset wallet service, announced a strategic partnership to provide Multi Party Computation (MPC) protocol security and offline storage. The hybrid wallet established by the two parties utilises Curv’s cryptography and policy engine to establish a robust and mathematically secure framework for managing operational risk. Vo1t provides a trusted execution environment to hold the recovery key and a veto share for signing. As the wallet’s administrator, Vo1t will work with clients to code their business logic and enforce the integrity of the client’s operational framework.

The partnership offers clients a keyless signature on transactions while dually delivering a robust line of defence. Institutions consistently face tradeoffs between digital asset security and liquidity. With the hybrid wallet, clients can keep their assets within Volt’s security ecosystem and retain instant access and complete control leveraging Curv’s solution, satisfying requirements for data security and manageable access.

Miles Parry, CEO of Vo1t said, “When reviewing Curv’s systems and designs, we were very comfortable with their MPC cryptographic security and impressed with the policy driven system Curv afforded our clients. Our partnership will provide clients with the benefits of a blended hot, warm, and cold digital asset treasury stack in one place, customisable to whatever their business needs may be.”

“Curv is excited to have been selected by a trusted brand like Vo1t to drive the custodial business to its next level,” said Itay Malinger, CEO and Co-founder of Curv. “We have deep knowledge and expertise in the protection of digital assets leveraging MPC that will enable Vo1t to expand its suite of custodial services.”

About Vo1t

Vo1t is a market-leading, insured digital custody service, established in 2015 and trusted by some of the world’s largest institutions. The team behind Vo1t includes experts in physical security, cybersecurity and banking. They have worked for some of the most renowned institutions in the UK and internationally, including the UK Ministry of Defence, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and Goldman Sachs. Their skills collectively combine to provide a technology solution which is flexible to even the most bespoke treasury and liquidity management needs in the digital asset market.

For more information, please contact info@vo1t.io

About Curv

Curv is setting a new institutional standard for digital asset security, using revolutionary cryptography to deliver the industry’s first cloud-based Institutional Digital Asset Wallet Service. Curv’s unique, mathematically-secure, keyless platform gives organizations bulletproof protection, instant access, and total autonomy over digital assets. The Curv service also includes the setup, management and maintenance of the blockchain infrastructure, which simplifies the adoption of any digital asset without building or scaling the underlying IT infrastructure.

Curv is headquartered in New York with R&D offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel. For more information, please contact info@curv.co


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Vo1t provides a safe and scalable platform for all blockchain assets.

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