Deep Space:Pilot (No Pun Intended)

The lasers whiz around me. The force put on my body by these ships really does take a toll on me. I dive down to avoid collision with another ship and fly back up nearly immediately to shoot him down. Behind me, another one of them flies up. They fire a few shots and land a couple on my left wing. I shoot downwards avoiding more lasers that would certainly kill me.

He follows and I turn a sharp left. This guy is not giving up, I can definitely tell he is an experienced pilot. I speed up to full throttle and go for the ground. He follows with many hurried lasers. I pull up at last second and turn in the cockpit to see an explosion on the ground. I fist pump as I turn around, this was quite the mistake. For when I turned around my line of sight was met directly with another enemy ship.

The decision that I had decided is usually met by much opposition by my army. I pushed the throttle up and made my ship fly right into it.

Then….. Darkness

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