Moving slowly through a thick fog. Time slowed. People dull. Fast moving thoughts with no rebounds. Keep going, it will work out. Second guesses and chances. Anger, then nothing. A cycle now broken. Not scared, ever. Lack of motivation. Go with it, no matter your preference. You will need it someday. Learn what you can and forget the rest. Loud music. Fast tempo, estranged lyrics, obscure references. Write more, think less. Think more, right less. One answer to everything. No answers to anything.

Abnormal circumstances. Odd perceptions to odd things. Different languages spoken by the same kind. Expressions unused, with glances of disgust and confusion. Misunderstood in ways that are understood. Finally, not yet, it will end. The break of a lifetime or perhaps a life breaking and no time.

Evolution and adaptation with no middle man for the cause. Intelligent without outlets. Likable writing to some with disdain on the face of others. Then without warning a crisis defined as existential and mind numbing realizations.

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