I throw my fists out, connecting every hit to the bag. The minuscule beads of sweat fall from my body. The cold cement floor seemed so far away, everything did. I let the music flow through me and let it be pushed out with every punch. I felt my hand begin to swell inside the gloves, I hit so hard that the gloves didn’t do anything to protect.

I stand off to the side and catch my breath. I lunge back in and swipe the bag right in the center. It spins to the right and I jump over to the left and kick it right in the side. It swings around in an arc back towards me, I put my foot down and with all my force I swing my right hand directly into the bag. It flies back and I rush over and stop it from swinging.

I stand for some time and let all my thoughts consume me. I think about what has happened and what has yet to happen, yet I don’t think about what can’t happen. I never think about that. I move through the dark attic and feel everything in my environment simply by my senses. I close my eyes and let my touch and memory guide me. I walk nimbly, making next to no noise at all. Just a slight shuffle of the feet, yet to someone who has not honed in on their senses would have no knowledge of the sound.

As I dip under a bar hanging from the ceiling I hear a noise. Everything had become silent in that exact moment. My breath had stopped, my feet ceased to move and my eyes shot open, wider than a window on a nice warm summer day.

Something had moved, it wasn’t obvious, I merely sensed the change. At that moment I ducked. A metal bar, a pipe to be exact, flew over my head. It smashed into the wall behind me with a massive thud that shook the whole attic.

I balanced on the balls of my feet. Letting my body go into the natural fighting stance I normally assume. Just a minute ago I had been so tired. All my muscles had ached and I felt like I was about to collapse. That had changed, I was wide awake, the adrenaline coursing through my veins and giving me enough strength to kill 4 men at once.

I lunge forward throwing out a jab with my right hand. I saw a shadow move to the right of me. I threw myself down to the ground to dodge the massive hunk of flesh that was his hand. I swung my leg out and hit his, I knew this was no normal man, he barely had flinched when I hit him. He wasn’t even staggered.

A response somewhere inside of me told everything I needed to know. In a flash I had gotten back onto my feet and was sprinting towards the ladder that had so kindly gotten me up there. A massive grunt of anger came from that being, I grabbed the pipe he threw at me earlier as I ran. I flipped over a pipe jutting out of the wall and threw the other pipe behind me. That rod of steel was the only thing that saved my life. It knocked the man down and he screamed in anger and maybe even pain, if he was capable of such an easy emotion. I throw myself down the ladder and close it up as soon as I had escaped.

I run to my room and grab my five seven, this wouldn’t end well for him, I could guarantee it.

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