The Sensation of Falling

With my back towards the water, I let myself go. the sensation of weightlessness was unreal. As I drop off the cliff I feel alive. The slowness of the drop was insane. I keep my eyes towards the sky as I plunge to my watery death.

As I let my limbs go limp as I spiral downwards to the floor of freezing water. I blink once and actually feel happiness. The wind rushing up past my ears gives me a sense of flying. I smile and just as I did, I happened to hit the water.

It engulfed me quickly giving me no time to react. I open my mouth and eyes and feel nothing, just complete bliss. I let myself go deeper just as I did when I was falling. I can see the blue sky shifting and warping from the clear water around me. The sun beats down on the water, giving it warmth until I fall deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean.

I lose all the breath that I had conjured in my lungs. Bubbles float around my head and above my eyes from the expelled air. Then, the suffocation. The pressure grows on my chest till it can’t grow anymore. My vision goes and I succumb to death.