CrowdWiz — ICO (Token Sale is Now Live)

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What is CrowdWiz?

CrowdWiz is a company dealing with a decentralized investment ecosystem. The creation of this company is aimed at facilitating us in the interaction of financial services easily, safely and reach all parties.
The yearly evolution of Blockhain technology will be combined with Crowd system policies that will be useful to all parties and will revamp the financial industry safely and well, so investors will benefit from the services that CrowdWiz will create in a new and transparent way that fully controls its investments. Given the political system of the Crowd, all interactions with financial services will occur in the absence of intermediaries, there is no additional cost and there is no need to consider cases of greed and corruption from conventional financial institutions that are common in today’s times.

Speaking of how this ecosystem works CrowdWiz, there are several systems created by CrowdWiz, including:

  1. WizFund Platform:
    this system provides each investment decision taken, a transparent and fair voting process will take place through existing contracts in the fleet Ethereum. Thus, the crowd will provide and determine what is appropriate, and the best for those involved. And with the WizFund platform, the token owner can use it to create the Crowd funds that they want, or simply invest in newly created funds.
  2. WizExchange:
    In this system, the investor will be assisted by a token exchange system managed by the Crowd system. The exchange process in the Crowd system, ie, the owner of the token decides through the voting process, which will be a list or divisor for exchange, and the owner of the token can also delete existing assets if they suspect fraudulent actions. Thus, the owner of the token can exchange the token more securely and comfortably.
  3. WizStore:
    This system allows programmers to create their own tools and add-ons, as well as contribute to the expansion of the ecosystem. The publisher sets pricing models for third-party applications.
  4. WizVote:
    the WizVote system provides the user with the opportunity to vote for voting rules in order to prevent incorrect voting or harmful voting. Thus, participants will choose which assets should be invested by WizFund and which will be added or removed from the list of asset indexes.
  5. WizInvesment:
    in this system Crowd provides a more reasonable and secure system for investors to invest in a full range of investment products focused on the concept of Crowd. The system also integrates existing Crowd systems, including WizFund and WizExchange, and will continue to evolve by integrating WizLending into the future with other systems such as Wizinsurance, WizProperty and more.
  6. WizTrader:
    Crowd also provides a system with a high-tech trading mechanism to facilitate users /investors. WizTrader also offers liquidity solutions or the ability of investors to fulfill obligations or debts in the short term by integrating with large Exchange systems. Commercial execution in the Crowd system is fully automated and can guarantee that the market price will be as low as possible at an unbeatable rate.

The ecosystem in the CrowdWiz project is supported by Visa Token. 
Wiz Token grants access rights and voting rights to all investment products issued by CrowdWiz. Within the framework of the CrowdWiz mechanism also intensive activities among the community, giving awards to people who participated in the vote, and those who have ideas and offered new investment opportunities. Any new CrowdFund product or a recently launched CrowdWiz investment will increase the value of the Wiz token.

Information About CrowdWiz, Visit here: