Professional Training Guide for Microblading

Although Microblading is actually a form of Permanent Makeup, it should be treated as a separate and completely different form of art. When comparing traditional PMU done by machine with Microblading, it becomes apparent that Microblading allows for thinner, more natural looking and realistic hair strokes. It’s worth mentioning that Microblading is a skill requiring months of practice before starting to charge your clients for the procedure. It is vital to achieve clean, crisp strokes and good pigment retention. Drawing strokes mimicking perfectly curved hairs is extremely complex and requires a lot of practice. It is also very challenging to work on different faces, so to immediately practice on live models is rather irresponsible. We advise practicing with the trainer present and then to practice on artificial skin before working with live models.


Online Learning:

When you sign up for our course you will receive access to our online training website two weeks prior to your course date. We understand that it can be very overwhelming having to absorb a tremendous amount of information all in a few days, which is why this platform has been designed specifically to prepare learners for the 3-day practical class. At this stage students will also receive their Microblading Workbook which has been designed to assist them in drawing natural, hair-like strokes and patterns.

Practical Training:

During our practical training, students work with their hand tools and blades on artificial skin to get used to the depth penetration and strokes pattern. They are then given a homework assignment to complete sets of brows on their practice skin to ensure that they are prepared for the following day’s practical models. Each student will complete 3 models with the trainer present to guide and assist them.

After Training:

After the Practical Training, students will still have access to the online training website. Here you can revise all the theory as well as the basic step by step instructions on the full Microblading procedure. Students will then receive access to our E-learning page located on this website where we post monthly blogs. At our Johannesburg Microblading Training academy, we are continuously setting up photoshoots in order to bulk up our e-learning training material with the latest news and updates in microblading industry. This platform is essential for students to continue learning and perfecting their craft.


Unlike many other Microblading Training Cape Town facilities, we do not provide a certificate immediately after the course, because we believe that Microblading is not only theory, it is a skill that requires a lot of practice to master. We do not grant certificates of attendance at the training but would rather wait until we can award a certification as proof of possession of the Microblading skill. This should not be a short course or a workshop, Microblading should be a continuing learning profession.


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