The SVMS (Short Voice Messaging Service) service will shut down on June 28, 2017.

After more than 6 years of operation, the SVMS service will be shutting down after June 28, 2017. All your voice messages are safe and will be available on your Dropbox accounts.

That is a difficult announcement to make. While it’s not necessarily the outcome we were hoping for with the service when we started our journey, now is the time to move on. We appreciate every of our users and we determined to provide even better services to make their life easier.

We always believed and still believe in power of human voice interactions. Today the VOICE became the next big platform. Backed up by the companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft the voice interactions between humans and machines and services are realities now. New generations of home voice-assisted AI available now on the market: Amazon Echo (powered by Alexa), Google Home, to name a few. That brings the whole new way of possibilities to their owners. From shopping to planning your day, entertaining and learning.

We realised that we have to move our focus to the new direction, embrace new technologies and the new ways of human interactions with machines. We want provide our users with the tools they need to solve their everyday problems.

We are already working on a prototype of a service to help our users have their jobs to be done with fewer efforts.

Please stay tuned.

Pavel Filippov, Co-founder of Voice Activity.

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