Should White People Be Silent on All Things Black Lives Matter?
Clay Rivers

Thank you for this incredible piece. As I wake up today in Charlotte, NC four miles from where the last two nights of protests have happened, I faced more adversity from white friends and family members online for sharing that our family is an ally for #blacklivesmatter and that we are tired of sitting back and doing nothing while we watch the black members of our community here on the east side of Charlotte and black people everywhere suffer.

Meanwhile from Ivory Towers, other white Charlotte community members are either not speaking up or they are condemning the movement and accusing me of being part of the problem (after my 15 year old wore a #blacklivesmatter pin to school to show support for her classmates.) I’m cool with that! They can condemn us all day, because I know our white privilege has never allowed us to experience for one moment what you or any other black person in this country has experienced. I am looking for action that can be beneficial to the people in my community right now. I am asking people how they are and if there is anything I can do for them, but if you have suggestions of action I would love to hear them.

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