Getting good ideas at Shity Place? Really?!!!

Best thoughts comes in Bathroom!! Really?!! But question is how many of those thoughts have you really implemented in life?

We often use this line to justify Our habit of sitting long hours in toilet and to pacify our selves who tries to yell at us, “Get out of here Man!” But we are too busy in our mobile phones that we can’t hear that yelling.

Ok! Lets forget about voice of inner self because we are used to not to listen to it. Just because its our own voice, we take it for granted Anyways who care for free and easily accessible things!.

So, the question is does sitting in that pot really help us to get constructive ideas? I can bet with you for that, with big ‘NO’. Wouldn’t it be better to finish off fast and use that extra ‘shity’ time to do meditation or sit in silence or talk to oneself or whatever you want to call the process. Doesn’t matter, the good news is that it works.

Moreover, don’t you think our surroundings really helps us to get right thoughts. You decide — you can get great ideas near to flowers, sacred flame when you are at ease or near to……oh I don’t want to say that! Decide for yourself!

I am the perfect example of change from being in receiving end to creating end, from being at audience seat to performer on stage. How? Simple, spend time with self. No one is a better guide, mentor or teacher than one self. Just sit silently with self!! I heard that, you said, “Its difficult? You don’t have time? Well I have given one small example above from where you can take out time ;)

Moreover, everything is difficult when you first do it from tying shoe lace to flying an aeroplane! But you know that over a period of time practice converts it into the most simplest thing ever on this earth for the practitioner. Well that’s the beauty of our mind!

People who know that it is the right path without any confusion, has an edge above others. They have to just practice it regularly without doubts in mind. And others who are in doubt don’t get dishearten, just keep the first step rest your inner being will guide you. Listen to it.

Ok! Lots of talks, lets see how to take out time. The action points:

1. List down all the activities you do daily, all means all, doesn’t matter how trivial it seems to be. Write it.

2. Tick activities which you think are not contributing to your growth call it as Non-productive acts (NPA).

3. Among NPAs, find out activities which you do just for fun and activities which you do out of compulsion (Activities you want to stop but couldn’t stop due to habits, society polishing, peer pressure etc)

4. Commit yourself to stop NPA-compulsion activities and announce a award for yourself for not doing it for 45–48 days. In the starting people may mock and make fun of you, Don’t worry, once you will change for good, they will respect you, follow you and seek advice from you.

5. Always attack only one NPA at a time and focus on it untill you get rid of it.

6. Move to point 3 and take out list of NPA- for fun. It’s not recommended to remove this list completely but limit the duration. All work and no play, Nah!! Never!

Above will help you to take out time from your busy schedule. And once you will see changes in your life you will enjoy it even more.

If you want to eat pasta, you have to go and first shop for all small ingredients required to cook pasta. Ingredients of other recipes will not produce the dish you want to eat. Similarly, if you want to change your life, go and shop for small habits from the mall of your inner self, that will produce a life you dream for.

Enjoy the shopping!! Get your ingredients right!