Self Portraits As Other People, ep. 1:

Loga & The Order of Multiple Personalities

“After a lifetime of chronicling her dreams and establishing connections with recurring characters who provide guidance and appear to correspond to different parts of her autonomic nervous system, Loga was diagnosed with a rare pineal tumor. But, in light of the supernatural allure that surrounds its emergence, should we consider it a tumor, or a ‘spiritual growth’?”


I guess the image isn’t clickable here, but this link should be:

Find more of Loga’s art at and on IG: @eorythm

“The Conarium Delirium”, most recent artwork by Loga, pertaining to the diagnosed Pineal tumor and the order of multiple personalities. The trinity surrounding the growth have their arms inscribed with pineal-related molecules. See Loga’s description to the right.

“Three grand glandula pinealists gather to pay mind to the ailing arbiter of somnolence.

Soma somberly offers serotonin to Kala, keeper of melatonin, while the wild-eye beguiler Keth extracts dimethyltryptamine
from the glial globus for no other purpose than to induce organic chaos.”


  • Introduction
  • Microphone banter
Loga’s anachronistic, surgical-looking mic
  • Ventriloquism & Dissociative Personality Disorder
  • Vocal puppetry
  • MUSIC: links to Void Denizen songs featuring the Violin talents of the friend (Whiskerman’s Graham Patzner) whose voice I channeled whilst “beside myself” in ceremony: Eclipse (Halfway) * Silent Sirens * Creature Preacher * Spirit Machine
  • A Self-Reflective Shift-Change (Salvia Divinorum)
  • Entity Identification (The Game of The Name)
  • Creative Psychosis: ‘The water in which the mystic swims is the same water a madman drowns in.’ -Joseph Campbell / “She drowned in the water where the mystic swims, so now we stay safely on the surface of things” -TheaTerRa In-a-scent Fragrances
  • Dream Chronicling since 1984
  • “Drii”: visitation by a trinity of entities
Art by Loga: “Squib Drii” (2007): “attempt to illustrate the dimension-jumping dream aliens I’ve come to call Drii.”
  • Geometric Tryptamine UAPs
Excerpt from our correspondence: Loga’s words and childhood, dream-based artwork (between age 6–9)
  • Haunted Anti-squat: art as Ghostbusting
Example of the kind of early, screaming art I “ghostbusted” whilst residing in the “transcenDentist practice” — “Further Down The Melt” (2002) depicts a man, mangled by time’s spiral, gone down the blender, a fleshy flush and rush of blood, swirling down the drain. Torn by time and stretched by change, this guy is having difficulty assimilating. He’s on the run, but inextricably tied to where he’s coming from. In the spiraling wake of his trajectory you can see the faces of lost souls that are torn into being, eye sockets and mouths gaping like open wounds and ruptured sores. He’s running on fumes, this poor guy. Puffy-eyed with exhaustion and inflamed desperation, he screams. (read more)
  • The Claw: grasping at dreams
  • The missing dimensions of media
  • Art as slime-trail left by brain-mollusk
  • 2004: groundbreaking dream visitation
  • How Loga and I met (ART: “Volucris & Hoodrats”):
“Volucris & (astral) Hoodrats”, the first message Loga sent me to introduce herself, her dreamwork, and her fascination with my work. The synchronistic co-incidences here were uncannily striking. When I first received and read this I couldn’t help but think of the Griffin & Sabine books by Nick Bantok. These stories revolve around a fictional correspondence between an artist who designs postcards and a woman who may not actually exist. She says that she has known him his entire life and sees the world through his eyes. She thought she was dreaming this, and then she discovered his artwork and recalled watching these pictures come into being at brushstroke speed. So she reaches out to him by mail. The entire anthology (5 or so books deep) is delightfully odd. Each page has an envelope glued to it, with an artful postcard inside with handwritten correspondences.
  • ART: Elfintitis Tetrahedronicus:
Artwork by Ugoogleably Yours: “Elfintitis Tetrahedronicus”, 2008, acrylic on cardboard

“This is an uncomfortable subject matter to broach, not often brought up among psychonauts: pSTDs — pSychically Transmitted Diseases.

A common pSTD is the one depicted here — Elfintitis Tetrahedronicus.

Elfintitis occurs when one’s merkaba (a spiritual body of light shaped like a three-dimensional, seven-pointed star) takes leave of its corporeal confinements to explore other worlds/realms/dimensions, while remaining tethered to the body. Along this spirit-thread it sends vibrational information back from “there” to “here”, a phenomenon I refer to as an “astral reception”.

In effect, mythic deformations may take shape in the perceived flesh. Symptoms include pointy ears and snout-like features, faces adorned with crawling geometries, and caricatured distortions.
Also commonly perceived are upward streaming rows of eyes, from which one may infer that the affected psychonaut has gained sight into dimensions beyond our rudimentary trinity of height, depth, and width.

Sadly, I had to retire this painting, due to water damage. :::-(


  • Pro-simian Monkey Business: some of my own Lemurian connections:
Artwork for the short spoken word track The Lemur King (click to listen)
Lemurians (Monos Astrál)”, acrylic, gelpen, and digital color & cobbling, 2018.

ART: A Night On The Astral

“[bottom right] They gathered their form from an abstract saturation of colors that danced behind my closed eyelids. With their antennae eyes tweaking and stretching as if they were conducting a communicative symphony, a convention of snails materialized, heaving into view as they conquered the event-horizonline. I had asked The Interface to show me my spirit guides, and here were my old snailien friends. I was amused they were the ones who showed up.

Then my attention shifted, as a collective of seemingly autonomous beings stepped forth from another nebulous event horizon.
A society of ”Lemurians”, astral monkeys, casually sauntered up to me from the immaterial distance. Walking upright like tall humans, they were limber and agile, long-limbed lemurs with fiberoptic, cyberpunk hairdos — the spunky ends of spiky hair, frosted with an alternating indigo/violet glow. Most of them didn’t pay me any attention, looking around to familiarize themselves with their surroundings, but the leader of the gang approached me with purpose. He moved with a kind of Jack Skellington stop-motion swagger, confident, cool. Something about his hip vibe spelled out Trouble. I got this sense that they’re cosmic joyriders, who engage in spacetime-travel for “cheap thrills”.

Detail of the main lemur with the fiberoptic cyberpunk Rufio hairdo

If I had to pick the terrestrial species of lemur they most closely resembled I’d choose the Indri, also known as “babakoto”, which means “ancestor”. I can’t help but wonder about our simian ancestry, and what kind of simians swung from the branches of my family tree-of-life.

At the forefront of my awareness, the ambassador invited me up with them, telepathically. Behind him the others linked arms with each other like monkeys-in-a-barrel, and the entire chain-gang was jerked upwards, spiraling in formation, like a reversed freefall. The higher they went the more spin they accrued and the more their formation resembled a double-helixed DNA coil in ascent — but upwards towards what? I wondered, unsure whether I wanted to go along with them.

Lessons of discernment echoed from previous journeys, a vibe of mistrust gathered in my gut, the sense that I’m being tested, tricked, or manipulated. I tried to send a telepathic inquiry to the shaman, but received no response, and caught glimpses of astral architextures, impressions from previous journeys, shimmering in the sky, the promise of some distant destination.

Lighting up in flashes of soundless, stroboscopic thunder I caught an ominous glimpse of a swastika spaceship blinking in the distant heavens. A jolt of anxiety volted through me, but by then it was already too late and I was streaming, gripped by the Lemurians’ upward vortex, swirling up beyond the trees like a fidget-spinning propellor-blade.

Fade to black.

Next thing I knew I was in a tree lair with one of them — or what initially seemed like one of them, except this was now a real monkey, animalistic and volatile, no longer the magical astral kind. A sobering sight, it was sitting in a corner, pigging out. Its arched back, mangy with patches of coarse fur, was turned to me, as it gnawed obsessively on some carcass cradled in its grasp. Consumed with consuming death-food, it was completely uninvolved with my presence. The scene was glamourless, disenchanted, gray and morbid; a taste of pure corporeal reality.

I excused myself and found my way back to my body.”

an artful selection of Lemurs, Lemurians, and Drii, rendered by Loga
illustrations of my Ringtail Lemur Tale, not discussed on the show (click for link)
creative copy by Rachel Nagelberg, printed on bags for SQIRL, a trendy brunch hot-spot in Los Angeles
  • Indri lemurs (babakoto) * simian ancestry
  • FILM: Planet of the Apes (1974)
  • Keth (aka Z’thiodaraxmes): aggregate egregore
Art by Loga: Keth as “Tryppin’ Trickster”

“Just as he can slip a trap, then turn around and make his own, so he can debunk an illusion, then turn around and conjure up another. […] Where, after all, does Nietzsche’s ‘army of metaphors’ come from in the first place, if not from some enchanting mastermind of tropes? And how did it fall into the unconscious? Perhaps that army carries with it some drug or soporific to induce forgetting in the provinces it conquers.”

-Lewis Hyde, Trickster Makes This World: Misschief, Myth & Art

Art by Loga, “Exchange Hints”, Keth on the left. Notice the “plasmic psychofluid”.
Detail: Keth’s “plasma”
  • Compartmentalization of the Nervous System: the order of multiple personalities
  • Totem Breakdown
  • The Occurrence at Red Rocks
  • Mysterious Universe Podcast: episode “The Many Minds of Billy Milligan”
  • Keth as arbiter of mental dust behind the curtain of the Collective Unconscious
  • Diagnosis of a cyst on the pineal gland, a potential “pineocytoma”
Loga’s MRI (on right, with pineal tumor highlighted)
Art by Loga: “Pineal-God-Entity”, 2008–2010
  • Scintillating Scotomas (see image reference on wiki)
  • my “Snake Eyes” story
  • ART: Holy (T)Error:
Art by Loga, “Lightning Daimon”
  • Temporal Lobe Seizures
  • Melatonin
  • BOOK: Philip K. Dick — VALIS
  • BOOK: Rachel Nagelberg’s novel The Fifth Wall investigates the gray areas between art, technology, terrorism, sickness and the body — at one point it views a Tumor as a work of art, as a unique object of significance sculpted by the “speaking body” to convey something vital to its host.
  • BOOK: Julian Jaynes The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
  • BOOK: Marshall McLuhan The Medium is the Massage: “man has been given an eye for an ear”
  • Re: my imaginary friend: see Ayahuasca Monologue (below)
  • A Lexical Eclipse: when fluidity of intuition/bicameral guidance/daemon becomes overshadowed by rigidity of belief or prepackaged perception
  • Pareidolia vs. “Pareidolatry”
  • Anthony Peake — Cheating the Ferryman theory: the Daemon / Eidolon bifurcation
  • SHOW: The OA (Netflix): the garden of forking paths vs. Eric Wargo’s Time Loops theory. Re: conversation with Michael Garfield (Future Fossils Podcast)
  • “We’ll always have Paris” — memory/experience perfectly preserved on the space/time coordinates of its actuation to be revised in eternal return—( “reincantation”).
  • The folly in thinking of reincarnation: Morphic Fields theory (Rupert Sheldrake). It is LIFE itself that incarnates, not “I”.
  • Dreams of being someone else (who actually exists) + dreams of being a snow goose
  • Spider Communication (re: a tale told during my Rainbow Brainskull Podcast appearance)
  • Aphasia, language, image streams, emanations, condensation
  • Aphasia in action: excerpt from The Loste Note
  • BOOK: Jane Roberts Seth Speaks
  • Transmissions in other languages (“bloated vocabulary”)
  • Keth as “Xeth” (O.S.) — Loga’s gleaned dream logo:
Art by Loga, Xeth O.S. logo as gleaned from a dream
  • FILM: Spike Jonze — Her
  • Keth/Xeth as hyperlinked neural network between minds
  • SHOW: Sense8 (Netflix)
  • Diagnosis: in summary (consulting the pantheon)
  • Inside Out, if it were directed by David Cronenberg
  • Last words, plug: IG: @eorythm

Outré Outro (Aftermyth/Coda)

  • A link to some examples of my “childhood visions” that Loga referred to
  • Séance Fiction: Tumor as Spiritual Growth:

On the album Void Denizen’s Séance Fiction, the track/video “Necromancing the Philosopher’s Stone” introduces a necromancer who seeks the philosopher’s stone in the form a “rock technology” through which he hopes to transcend space and time in order to establish communication with The Other Side (The Land of the Dead, The Unconscious, The Imagination).

A narrative arc threaded loosely and impressionistically throughout the record, the necromancer’s saga continues on the track “Petrified”.

Here are some stills from the “Petrified” video that correspond to the lyrics of the song “Carry My Casket (Like a Boombox on My Shoulder)”:

“and due to some ill-fated rumor
his spiritual growth had been mistaken for a tumor
he heard laughter from hereafter
with his sixth sense of humor;
and in a vision he was shown
this growth to be the stone
he’d sought so hard to find
for(e)telling the end of time”

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The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo

Written by

Dutch multimedia artist & wordsmith, residing in The Altered States of America, offering cosmic, comedic, and contemplative contents.

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