Self Portraits As Other People, ep 2:

Art by Trius
Listen to the podcast here
“Church Indoctrinated” by Trius


One of Trius’ more recent self-portraits
Trius at an Art Exhibit in San Francisco ca. 2011
“Doctrine” by Trius
What does not kill us makes us stranger. This was an odd moment in 2011 that I cannot really explain, but still felt was important to include, maybe because… Dark Elf energy, “playing in pain”?


Art by Trius
Art by Trius

Czech Story

Trius in his studio in San Francisco, ca 2010
One of Trius’ Self Portraits from some years back
Trius’ portrait of me ca. 2011. In the post I proposed to write his auto-biography in exchange of this self-portrait he had done of me. In a sense this episode is me coming through on that promise.
Trius ALWAYS draws me as a stark Russian Philosopher type
See? ALWAYS as a Russian philosopher type. Ok, maybe here I look more like a Rasputin type, but still….

Champyang and Ikem revisited (talk #2)

Trius having a Col. Kurtz/Heart of Darkness moment
Art by Trius
Art by Trius

And finally, for redemption sake, here’s the iconic photo series I did of Trius’ and his youngest daughter Milenna, in 2010:

“Smoke Rock”
“Trius Sucking a Splinter From Milenna’s Palm”
“Black Sheep”
The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo

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Dutch multimedia artist & wordsmith, residing in The Altered States of America, offering cosmic, comedic, and contemplative contents.

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