I don’t like your web browser, so I programmed a new one.

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Two years ago I was so mad at the current browsers that I decided to program my own web browser. The other web browsers became bigger and bigger, with more and more features that nobody needs and developed into data silos in which more and more data had to be stored. Today’s Firechrome browsers have been developed primarily for the entertainment web, not the information web. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube and the horrible social stuff. But if you want to read something in Wikipedia or have to concentrate on the content, you will always be distracted too quickly from the actual task.

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I decided to use Python (3) as programming language like the Qute Browser. Yes, there are many arguments against this language and its disadvantages. The package management system is a jungle. It is confusing, dangerous and if you touch a little blue frog you are already dead. There are hundreds of Python packages you shouldn’t install if you want to endanger your project. I chose PyQt5 and Webkit. The documentation was the most detailed and there were enough tutorials to get into the topic to get quick results. Now I had to set my focus on what I wanted and what I didn’t want.

Since I don’t implement any modules there is no possibility for an adblocker. I solved the problem by not allowing Javascript. Period. The design is as minimal as possible, everything has to be hidden and only show up when you really need it. There are the basic functions and more is not implemented. According to the Un*x philosophy everything is outsourced and redirected to external software. Thunderbird for mails, mpv for videos and youtube-dl for further functions. With the Alligator Browser you surf, everything else is done by better software. There are no features in this KISS project. No bookmarks, because you can send links to your own address with the best communication software. E-mail.

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Two things that can be considered unique features of the Alligator browser are the Wikipedia function that allows quick searches in the Alligator browser and shows the results only in the mobile website. Furthermore I have implemented a darkmode and force the user to a forced webdesign (can be changed in a separate .css file). Nobody needs a colorful blinky web if you are looking for important information. Focus. Focus is important. Unfortunately there are also serious disadvantages, the browser is in its current version Alligator Browser/0.33.3 (Alpha) — Acokanthera oblongifolia in a hard alpha phase and is only available for 64bit Linux systems. You have to be familiar with it, because the documentation was kept simple. So far there was no need for it. Also the web browser is quite insecure and users should avoid to use it in everyday life. The project is experimental and there is no insurance for your damage if the browser should break something. This is a game for intelligent people. Where the journey will take me I don’t know yet, but from my own experience I can say that my own browser has replaced Firechrome for most activities.

If you want to contact me add me at Mastodon, Youtube or Archive.org


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I build low life high tech things. Founder of the Alligator Browser https://archive.org/details/alligator_0333

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