Testnet Phases Announcement

Voi Foundation
3 min readMay 1, 2024


Hello Voiagers and Future Explorers,
As we approach a significant milestone in our journey, we are excited to announce the successful conclusion of our first testnet phase and the launch of the next exciting chapter for Voi. Your dedication and participation have powered us to this point, setting the stage for even greater achievements.

Concluding Phase One: A Snapshot of Success

The initial testnet phase will draw to a close at 00:00:00 UTC on May 1st, with a decisive snapshot capturing the state of the network at the first block after this time. Throughout this phase, Voi and Via tokens have played a critical role, each accruing the same number of points per token, which will determine your share in the upcoming airdrop. Your incredible efforts have helped us:

● Establish over 800 active voting nodes
● Build a steadfast community with strong core values
● Develop robust decentralized governance
● Deploy critical infrastructure & and over 25 projects

These achievements mark the successful initial bootstrapping of Voi’s network, community, and ecosystem.

Introducing the Next Phase: Expanding Our Horizons

Soft Launch — May 1st: As we transition seamlessly from the first phase, we initiate the soft launch of our second phase. During this period, you can start earning points for the new airdrop by:

  1. Maintaining an active node with a positive health score that is greater than 5
  2. Running a relay node
  3. Completing basic tasks on the ecosystems questing platform
  4. Engaging on social media, with tweets that include images or videos

Hard Launch — May 15th: Following the soft launch, we will officially hard launch the next phase. This stage will see the release of new quests every two weeks on our ecosystem’s questing platform, providing continuous opportunities to earn points and influence your share of the forthcoming airdrop.

Airdrop Details and Incentives

  1. Airdrop Allocations: The first phase airdrop allocates 1.5% (150M) of the total mainnet token supply.
  2. Lockup and Vesting: Locking up your airdrop allocation is optional, offering up to 20% compounding annual interest for those who choose a five-year term. The lockup bonus itself is instantly earned and so can be staked with the airdrop allocations immediately to increase block rewards during the lockup period. Unlike the lockup, the 12-month vesting
    period for all airdrops is mandatory, ensuring long-term commitment and stability.
  3. Smart Contract Accessibility: All interactions with your allocations, including locking up and vesting, will be handled via a dedicated website where you can connect and manage your account securely.
  4. Eligibility: Accounts will be required to have a minimum of 1000 points accrued during phase 1 to be eligible for the airdrop. The snapshot itself is not representative of the final airdrop, this ensures we can cover cases such as where accounts have been found to be gaming the system and so would be blacklisted from the airdrop itself.

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