Masternode to Guarantee Steady Revenue for VOISE Token Holders

Ever since the inception of Voise as an idea, and as a platform, our primary focus has been on creating a no-nonsense, full-revenue platform for music artists. The latest ICO, meanwhile, brought us closer to our financial backers, a community which trusted our vision and invested in its development by purchasing our institutionalized tokens known as VOISE.

Our journey has started! While the team is developing the platform after the alpha launch at full throttle, new key partnerships are also making Voise a regular name in both the music and the blockchain space. These all are events that add value to the VOISE tokens, and in the process, benefit its holders — our community.

Introducing Masternode to Commit Steady Revenue

We, at Voise, want to open every profitable opportunity for our community. Which is why, we have come up with a plan to launch a masternode.

Dash was the first cryptocurrency project that introduced the concept and working model of a masternode. As it goes, a masternode is a node running the same wallet software on the same blockchain to provide extra services to the network. In the context of Voise, the masternode is a way for VOISE token holders to benefit from the platform’s concrete revenue streams.

Voise platform will allow token holders to set up their masternodes by locking a minimum of 600,000 VOISE tokens for a specific time. Every masternode operator will be liable to earn a certain percentage of revenue, based on the amount of VOISE tokens s/he has committed for the masternode, after they unlock their committed tokens.

Note that it is very important for masternode operators to lock their tokens for a minimum of 30 days. This will enable them to earn at least minimum profits. In case they decided to unlock their VOISE tokens before 30 days, they will lose the profit.

Also, the tokens will not be locked by a centralized party but by mathematics itself. Yes, we are talking about smart contracts. Voise team has created a special decentralized application, or DAPP, to govern the locking and distribution of funds. It has a backend code running on Ethereum’s decentralized peer-to-peer network. It ensures that none of our developers will have the control over how the funds will distributed. A smart contract will perform this function by itself.

We confirm that 80% of the total revenue will be distributed among the VOISE token holders. In the first months, when the income is likely to be slow, we commit to pay our community with the foundation’s money. It is all about staying true to our backers.

Masternodes Will Add Value to VOISE Token

Committing tokens for the Voise platform solve the problem of liquidity, which means artists will be able receive their 100% revenues in VOISE tokens, without losing the intrinsic value. It also guarantees instant transactions, which could make VOISE a mainstream competitor of any centralized music streaming service out there that otherwise take hefty cuts from artists’ revenues. That is why we believe Voise will succeed in a long run; it will be able to distribute profits to both artists and masternode operators, by maximizing from their roles inside the platform.

We have always aimed to create a platform that is truly community-driven. Launching masternodes is one of the many steps we are taking towards that direction. Voise platform belongs to the true holders, whose patience and commitment can take our music streaming platform beyond the moon.

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