VOISE, a solution to the music industry -Business model

Nowadays make a living as an artist is extremely difficult, you either distribute your content yourself, which makes it very difficult to have a big audience or you upload your content to a platform that will take from 15 to 40% of the revenue generated by your content. And that’s for digital album downloads, the cut companies take from the artists on streaming platforms is even bigger. Other projects have attempted to build a decentralized platform with blockchain and cryptocurrency but failed at having enough users and content to be considered successful because they are aimed at people who are experts with technology and makes it very difficult for an outsider to use the platform.

How is VOISE different?

We at VOISE believe in a decentralized platform that gives 100% of the revenue to the creator of the content this is because we found other things to take profit without steal revenue to the artists or add advertising, but we are conscious that in order to have a successful platform we need to make it easy for everyone to use. That’s why we plan not only to design an easy to use interface but also accept fiat currency payments so everyone who uses a mainstream music service will be able to use VOISE the same way. Without having to set up a wallet, download the whole ethereum blockchain or trading on an exchange. Our target is not the average crypto user but everyone who enjoys music and other audio content. This way we will be able to build together a platform that unites blockchain enthusiasts and the average person, this not only increases the number of potential users but also the potential artists since they are our main target, if we get artists to use a platform that gives them 100% of the revenue, their fans will migrate to support their favorite artists, especially with a non-intrusive platform like VOISE where you can download the songs you want from the web client without having to use a dedicated app every time you want to play it.

The following document wishes to detail the main differences between the platform we’re building and other popular music services, explain our growing strategy and marketing plans.

As you can see on the table above some of the main features that stand out the most in favor of our platform compared to other conventional services are:

  • Decentralization: Our platform doesn’t host the content in our server but rather in a p2p decentralized network composed by its own users. This makes it extremely secure and privacy friendly.
  • Open source: You can commit the code from our github, take a look at it and compile it yourself. This way you know there’s nothing sketchy hidden in our code.
  • Blockchain backend & payment: You can see every transaction ever done with VSM through a block explorer. Know how much an artist is earning, how much a user has spent,etc. Everyone has access to this information.
  • Streaming & downloading: Many new music related services allow either streaming or downloading only, we at Voise offer both options.
  • Free of subscription: Forget about monthly payments, pay once for your content, enjoy it forever.
  • Multiplatform: The Voise development team is working hard to deliver a client for every platform our users demand, the first to get released will be the web client because it can be accessed from different devices, mobile clients will follow.
  • Artists keep 100%: The original artist of the song gets all the revenue, compared to every other music platform where artist get much less than that.

You may also want to take a look at our roadmap explanation to understand how we will accomplish to attract a userbase and be able to compete with the platforms shown above.