Voise as a company. How to obtain profits?

Today’s music industry is a pretty exciting place for the artists. Old barriers are believed to have faded, and the new technology is creating an even-field for all to showcase their talents. Of course, old problems have been dissolved but, at the same time, they have been replaced by the new ones. Musicians all around the globe still face innumerable challenges as far as their income is concerned. Only big music companies make money, by either keeping the rights of the music or by allocating only a small part of the revenue to the musicians.

In such times, when a newly launched music platform like Voise decides to give 100% of the revenue to the creator of its content, it surely raises many eyebrows. ‘What are we trying to achieve with such an announcement? Is our business model even practical? How will we survive without a revenue system? The questions are endless… And our inbox never gets tired of receiving them.

To have an elaborated discussion about Voise’s method of doing business, there is something people should understand first about our platform. Voise was never launched with an aim to be another Apple Music, or Spotify, or any other big-league music streaming service out there. In fact, our whole purpose is to eliminate revenue roadblocks for the musicians while ensuring a non-intrusive music platform for the listeners worldwide.

Voise is proposed as a blockchain-based decentralized music streaming platform, whose major operational costs are pre-raised via an ICO. There is a general psychology that an ICO-funded project will be entirely driven by the cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. We, however, understand that in order to have a successful service, our platform must be accessible to a general, non-blockchain user base as well — those who are unable to pay for our music services in cryptocurrencies. This would make us accept fiat currency payments for providing our music streaming and downloading services — all free of subscription.

Despite featuring a relatively unknown technology like blockchain, Voise will have a pretty simple user interface. It will feature search engine to browse for artists, albums, genres, playlists or songs by name; ‘Discover’ to list the top tracks, recommended tracks, new releases, and genres; Playlists available to share on social media; and other services.

How does Voise Fund its Operations

Our business model is structured in a manner that it never forces us to spend high on maintenance. This loosely indicates that Voise does not need to make any monstrous profits for its survival. But indeed, it will always need a definite revenue system. We understand that its innovation lies in the fact that it never-ever puts the pressure of generating revenues on the musicians. With that said, here is the list of some revenue streams we propose to integrate to maintain Voise.

Promotions: While ensuring a fair-stage for all the musical talents to showcase their work, Voise has come up with Promotions to ensure better visibility for the artists. This service is much similar to the one we see at Google Search Engine, in which a paid ad is listed above the organically ranked ones. In the case of Voise Promotions, an artist can pay to show a song in the “Discover” section of the platform. Our team has already clarified that paid promotions will be marked with a symbol to let the users know it was paid.

Exchange Fee: Voise platform features an exchange, which allows users to exchange their Voisium tokens (our ERC20-based tokens that facilitate the sale and purchase of contents on Voise platform) with other crypto-assets, including Bitcoin. We propose to charge a nominal transaction fee for this service, which would also add value to the revenue stream of Voise platform.

Fee on Fiat Transactions: We truly encourage people towards using cryptocurrencies in their day-to-day lives. And in order to ensure a maximum usage of crypt assets on our platform, we propose to introduce a minor fee on the fiat transactions. Voise will still remain cheaper than its centralized counterparts.

Radio: Have we mentioned that Voise platform also features an inbuilt radio system. It is truly one of the first blockchain-based music projects that integrate DAO with Radio. Here users will be able to vote for their favorite songs through a DAO contract. So the users with the maximum number of staking tokens will have the most impactful votes.

Radio opens up an immense opportunity for content advertising, benefiting Voise revenue system to a considerable extent.

Custom Profiles and Themes: As an artist, you will be able to customize your profile with CSS themes. While basic themes will be available for free, artists will also be able to purchase personalized themes. We ensure that the themes and customization options will be aesthetic only and won’t include any functionality.

A Heaven for Emerging and Established Artists

The Voise platform is hell-bent on bringing what is truly owed to the musicians — financially and mentally. Making the decision to allocate 100% of content sales revenue could have been a daunting task. But with blockchain — and some honest will-power, we want to prove that running a music streaming and downloading service can be an independent and inexpensive task as a whole.

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