Stockholm, 17 April 2019 — VOI Technology, the Swedish micromobility company, has announced three senior hires as it continues to expand rapidly across Europe.

The Stockholm-based company, which is on track to launch in 18 cities by the end of May, has hired a Chief Technology Officer, a Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics and a new Head of PR.

Mikael Söderberg joined the company as CTO, from Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT) where he was global head of R&D for the automotive line of business, which is developing products such as the BMW ReachNOW car sharing service and the revolutionary 2019 Mercedes…

By Fredrik Hjelm

Last week the city of Madrid took the unexpected decision to take e-scooters off its streets until the providers — including Voi Technology — have adapted their product to prevent scooters being used in certain streets.

Although this is a setback for VOI and the other scooter companies that have begun operating in Spain’s capital, it is an important step towards a viable integration of e-scooters in the city. The move also underlines how important open dialogue is, when introducing new modes of transportation. …

VOI Technology

We are creating a future with cities free from noise and pollution. Cities where people move on light electric vehicles. Cities made for living — not for cars.

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