Personalization is key to driving excellent food ordering experiences: AI and food innovation

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Expressed by machines, artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence, or natural intelligence processes incorporate learning, planning, reasoning, knowledge representation, creativity, problem-solving, and all other work and reactions that humans do. AI allows the computer to make independent decisions.

Today, technology is changing and ever-evolving. Therefore, artificial intelligence is affecting our lives, working style and even source of entertainment.

Marketers are also getting benefits of artificial intelligence, as it has the powers to generate a combined customer prospect and profound understanding of every customer at an exclusive level previously not possible. However, few are still doubtful of what AI can create and how to apply it for a great brand success and better customer experience.

AI plays a vital role in making the customer experience more personalized than what most marketers have always imagined being possible. Most of the brands/companies are already using artificial intelligence to deliver personalized customer experiences, respond to customer service queries and improve business processes.

It is an impressive growth of the personalization we have all been continuing for decades. Instead of wasting hours on planning how to personalize content, you can now check every single action of the customers to personalize the experience in real time, with the help of AI. It allows brands to personalize their content and deliver direct messages to the right people in a mechanical way.

Personalization is also modifying the face of the food industry. Almost every food brand produce more essential connections with their customers if they want to remain faithful. Using the artificial intelligence, some food companies create better experiences for their customers.

A new Deloitte study found that 84 percent of respondents said that they will return if a restaurant responds directly to their feedback and interact with them on a personal level. The restaurant are not only asking for online ordering, customization, and payment flexibility, but also how these raise dining frequency, customer conversion, check size, and loyalty.

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Personalization is an important part of business to retain customers better, boost loyalty and create a more significant and broader brand relationship. Startups like Voix are focusing on artificial intelligence and personalization with a dream of building an easy to deliver an experience.

About Voix

Voix is first voice assistant for food ordering. Voix converts existing phone line into an AI-powered voice assistant to allow restaurants to take order, book table or offer specials to the customer, in turn, saving $1000s in employee salaries, training, and other human errors. With a team of serial entrepreneurs and technologists, Voix is on the mission to disrupt $72b+ phone food ordering industry.



Voice Assistant for Restaurants

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