Apple cares about devs, it turns out

Vojtech Rinik
Feb 7 · 2 min read

So a few days ago, I tried submitting a very simple app, and it got rejected. I thought it was pretty unfair, so I asked around on Twitter. Most people agreed with me. A lot of people suggested I should skip App Store altogether.

A digression: Why I need App Store

Here’s why I need App Store: I need a reliable updates system. My first iteration has minimal set of features. I’m planning to improve it soon. And then again, and again. But I need reliable updates to do that.

I could use Sparkle, but if I can have this feature for free, I’ll take it. I would rather spend my time building features, instead of implementing Sparkle.

Another reason for App Store: It’s part of my idea validation. The app is called “Median for Appfigures”. I’m deliberately optimizing for “appfigures” keyword, because it will answer an important question: Is anybody searching for Appfigures app on the App Store? If not, I may as well move on the another idea.

(My ultimate plan is to support more data services, so that you could have all this “data at your fingertips”, but that’s for later.)

My expectations were low

Right after the rejection, I submitted an appeal. I didn’t expect much. I heard the stories. Once your app gets rejected, there’s nothing you can do, I thought. Especially if you’re small and irrelevant.

So I Tweeted about it, and I received a lot of responses. Most of them were supportive. A lot of them suggested that I should skip App Store. However, the best advice was to try and work with Apple. I honestly didn’t think that would help. But it did.

To my surprise, I got a reply to my appeal. (At this point, I wasn’t expecting one.) Just two days later I received a response, which basically said “Yup, we checked again, you’re fine, actually.”

Unbelievable, I thought. The best part? This heart warming message at the end: “Thank you for your commitment to Mac app development.” I’ll be much more patient in the future, now that I’ve seen a positive side of App Store.

Thanks, everyone!

Thanks to everyone who replied and retweeted my little frustrated Tweet. It’s really good to be around this community of iOS devs — big or small, doesn’t matter. Thank you!

Vojtech Rinik
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