Fixing RescueTime charts

RescueTime is a great tool that tells you what how you spend your time online. I love this type of tools, our own Escape isn’t that much different. (But it doesn’t track time, just interruptions.)

First, this is what I want to learn from data:

If I was at the computer (at certain moment), how big a portion of that time was productive?

This is how my today looks like on RescueTime:

Good start, then there’s Gyroscope with much nicer charts:

But look at that morning. I was quite productive but also pretty distracted? That’s what it looks like!

But enough with the hating, here’s my attempt:

This is an area chart. Colored areas mean I was at the computer, blank spaces mean I was doing something else.

The morning’s pretty clear. Super distracted in the beginning, then started doing something, got distracted again and the rest of the morning went like that.

Then we have what looks like a lunch break, and again pretty bad start and even worse finish for the afternoon.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

FYI: I was distracted today, so you don’t have to. FocusList will help you with that.

Bonus: 3D

I don’t know how could this vis be ever useful, but here it is:

I thought drawing those bar charts in 3D might be interesting, but it isn’t really. You can see the hole where I usually go swimming + have lunch, but that’s it. There are also some green dots indicating many distractions.

This will be more interesting when I plot it in 2D, and represent amount of distraction for each 5 minute interval by color. Will update this article soon with that.

Here’s another screenshot of that, but this time with red color: