How Do You Deal With Blunders? Try These 5 Steps
Róbert Šrotýř

Good writing!

Here’s some of my tricks to avoid that awkward “I must’ve.. forgot to flag it” feeling.

  1. Use Trello for damn near everything. Trello board is my favorite way to visualize work needing to be done on a project.
  2. Global Stickie. I have one sticky note in this app and it contains the most important things, like doing taxes, or some events I want to attend and will forgot about them.
  3. Whiteboard. Since most of my work time is spent in my home office, I always write down important ideas on the whiteboard, then take pictures of it.

There’s a range to these tools: Level of organization ← → Convenience. It’s super quick to write a note on the whiteboard, but it’s still just a random note. On the other hand, creating a Trello card takes a while, but then you file it under the right project and in the right column, and that gives you higher level of organization.

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