On work life balance

I often hear how it’s bad to work too much. A lot of people say it’s unhealthy. That there are other things more important than work. Simply put, overworking is considered a bad, negative thing to practice in your life.

It all depends on why you’re working. If you have deadlines, and you have a terrible boss, and you might lose your job, and you just have to work over the weekend, then it’s pretty bad. These are very stressful things, and many people are going through this.

But if you’re working because you want to, it’s different. Some people are fortunate enough that they enjoy those few extra hours. At the end of the day you are tired, but you have more energy. You’re weary, but happy. You know you’re gonna need that weekend soon, but it’s only your body that needs a break.

I believe that working with the right attitude tires your body, but lifts up your spirit. Finding this kind of work is rare and wonderful, and few people have found it.