The “five more” rule

Vojtech Rinik
Oct 17, 2018 · 1 min read
My 5 minute timer is always 2 taps away.

Whenever I’m about to take a break from work, I start a 5 minute timer. I try to concentrate for just 5 more minutes.

This is a simple way of learning to concentrate better. It goes like this: whenever you feel like quitting — just do five more — five more minutes, five more exercises, five more pages — which will extend your focus. The rule pushes you just beyond the point of frustration and helps build mental concentration. It’s a form of training as well as being a way of getting something accomplished.

Source: “The Lost Art of Concentration”

Being able to work in peace for 45 minutes is somewhat of a superpower these days. The “five more” rule is a great way to train it.

Vojtech Rinik

Written by

Productivity geek, indie dev behind FocusList.

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