Volans project will be launched without conducting an ICO [EN]

Dear friends,

We have important news about Volans project and we are ready to announce them. Volans has unexpectedly raised some venture investments, sufficient to create the first module of our project. Accordingly, the Volans team decided to postpone the start of the ICO to the implementation of the fully functioning module. According to our estimates, this would be in September 2018.

Due to venture investments in the project and the full implementation of the first system module investors will be able to invest their money in an already successful model, and all Bounty Program participants will receive tokens of the existing product on the market. The fact that we managed to attract venture investments on the early stage of product development increases the likelihood of a successful conducting an ICO. This is even less risky for our potential investors and more profitable for Bounty program participants.

The current commitment to the Bounty Program participants will be fully satisfied, according to the information provided in the Whitepaper and in the BitcoinTalk tread. All active participants will be rewarded after the ICO.

In the future, the ICO will be conducted mainly to collect funds for a financial license in the EU, Russia, Ukraine and some other countries. This license will enable Volans to issue credit and debit cards and also to implement instant money transfers.

In the coming days, the Volans team will release Volans Cold Wallet in test mode on devices with iOS platform. We will not charge a fee for installing and using the application. In the next few months we intend to add the function of buying and selling BTC and ETH to the range of services in the application.

Thank you all for your faith and interest in Volans ICO. We, Volans, value your time and money and are aimed to provide you with the best product available in the cryptocurrency market. Step by step we will change the current financial system and hope you will join us!

Best regards,

Volans Team