When income inequality is one of the greatest problems in our country, having another billionaire president is not the way forward.

Image: Bloomberg

USA Today recently published an opinion piece titled, “Rejecting Michael Bloomberg just because he’s worth billions of dollars makes no sense.”

In the article, they attempt to make the point that alienating Bloomberg because he has billions of dollars is not only unfair, it’s also unjustified.

But ok, let’s play that game. Let’s pretend that Michael Bloomberg isn’t a billionaire. Let’s pretend that he didn’t just throw himself into the Democratic race incredibly late and didn’t compensate for that by spending $120 million on ads.

If that’s the case, then I’d be more than happy to also reject him because…

Prologue: This article was inspired by my mother, an ardent Trump supporter who really really wanted a rundown of Trump’s lies because she swears I’m making it all up

Image: CNN

Is Donald Trump a liar? Is the sky blue? Do I prefer coconut milk over dairy milk in my morning cup of coffee? If you answered with a resounding yes, then congratulations — you’ve won nothing…except for my respect.

Donald Trump has told many lies throughout his presidency. In fact, when tallied up the total has reached a whopping 16,000 since coming into office.

Donald Trump is also so good at…

Joe “Status Quo” Biden

Image: NYT

The New York Times just published an opinion piece on Joe Biden after last night’s Democratic Debate.

“Age will be the weapon that Biden’s opponents will use, because it’s basically all they have,” writes Timothy Egan. The piece goes on to say that Joe Biden is “running as a normal guy” and although that might not seem transformative at least you can depend on “Uncle Joe” and his bland brand of politics.

Nothing personal here, but how out of touch do you have to be to write something like this?

Biden’s ideas ARE old and outdated. That has nothing to…

If the Democratic establishment can’t beat Bernie, then they’ll push for Warren.

Image: NBC News

NBC recently reported that Elizabeth Warren has been talking behind the scenes with Hillary Clinton.

As she seeks to blend her movement-based progressive campaign with a Democratic establishment long wary of her populist brand of politics, Warren has been maintaining and creating relationships with a wide array of Democratic establishment figures.

One of those establishment figures happens to be Hillary Clinton.

According to the article, Warren and Clinton have been keeping in contact, although there is no information on what exactly the two have been chatting about.


Why is the Vermont Senator so mad all of the time? The answer may *shock* you.

Image: Washington Times

The Washington Post has honed in on the anger of Bernie Sanders. The biggest question being asked, ‘why is Bernie Sanders so angry?’ According to the Washington Post, the anger emanating from Sanders just isn’t resonating with supporters this time around.

But with a sitting president who has also used anger to galvanize his base and claims to represent the antithesis of the Washington elite, some now find that aggressive messaging unappealing — The Washington Post

Image: AOL.com

Actress Alyssa Milano has become a huge Democratic political activist throughout the past few years. She became the face of the #MeToo Movement and has spoken out against the NRA’s political influence and recently, she was invited on MSNBC to give her opinion on the upcoming presidential election.

However, what Alyssa had to say was incredibly concerning.

Take a look below:

“This Primary Is Not About Policy It’s About Beating Trump”

On MSNBC, in front of a large audience, Alyssa Milano stated that Democrats should be focused on beating Trump. Ok, sounds reasonable enough, until you continue to listen to how she wants Democrats to go about beating him.

Image: AM Joy w/Joy Reid

The Out of Touch Mainstream Media Strikes Again

This weekend, MSNBC’s Joy Reid and her panel discussed the 2020 Democratic run.

The panel starts out discussing the potential run of former vice president Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke.

Panelist, Nayyera Haq, brought up the fact that millennial voters have actually surpassed the Baby Boomer generation.

Image: Politico

Pelosi is not your friend.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a bold message for Americans: she doesn’t care about what you want.

The talks around single-payer healthcare, also interchangeably called Medicare for All, has been a hot topic amongst the Democratic Party. This week, over 100 House Democrats have put forward a single-payer bill.

However, Nancy Pelosi has yet to support the bill despite it being overwhelmingly supported by Americans.

Recently, in a Rolling Stone interview, Nancy Pelosi was quoted saying, “Single-payer…That is, administratively, the simplest thing to do, but to convert to it? Thirty trillion dollars. Now, how do you pay for that?”


Image: Jacobin

He finally did it.

Progressives throughout the country were patiently waiting for Bernie Sanders to announce his run. Now, finally, he has. On the morning of February 19, Bernie launched his 2020 campaign.

All policy, no platitudes.

His launch video immediately hammered in on the issues. From Medicare for All to climate change all the way to ending the US involvement in Yemen.

The video was a perfect example of sticking to the issues and avoiding all the fluff that so many other politicians love to focus on in order to divert attention from their records or stances on policies.

Then something else unbelievable…

Image: CNN

The U.S. government and mainstream media have been telling us, for a while now, what we, as Americans, need and what we can/cannot afford to do.

The government is supposed to represent the will of the people, so let’s see what the government has been telling us and if it’s in line with what the people actually want.

What They Tell Us We Should Want/Need:

  • An increased military budget by giving the Pentagon $1 trillion a year
  • A Space Force
  • Intervention in Venezuela
  • Lowered taxes for the rich
  • Permanent occupation in the Middle East

Back in 2016, our military spending was at a whopping $611 billion keeping…

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