BannerAdz Advertising Solutions

Banneradz is one of the biggest products database in the UK. We review products and provide advertising solutions to companies using our network.

At Excipion we are passionate about partnership and understand what our clients need.

When you engage with us, not only will we find you the best talent possible, we will also become your dedicated brand ambassadors, representing your organisation to the talent pools in which we operate.

We have developed cost-effective advertising solutions to work in partnership with you, whilst leveraging our advertising partnerships to ensure the best deal for you. We manage the complete process relieving the strain from your HR and Marketing departments.

Our advertising solutions use a variation of tools, depending on your requirement, sector and desired outcome. We offer a featured employers page on our website, access to both generalist and specialist job boards and bespoke branded campaigns via our comprehensive database and social media platforms.

Whether you are new to online advertising, or looking to enhance your brand positioning in your sector, we can help with both your short-term and long-term advertising goals.

We want to do everything possible to get you the best talent available.

Why advertise online?

Today’s jobseeker is part of a tech-savvy group actively looking for work using online job boards and social networking sites. In the UK alone, there are 13.1 million jobseekers that use the internet to look for jobs, with 78% of those applying for jobs online.

Job boards and social media sites are growing in size each day and provide great opportunities for companies recruiting, particularly in generating leads and website traffic and increasing brand awareness.

Our brand stands for high calibre talent, and we are recognised by passive job seekers and organisations across the UK and internationally for our expertise within our specialist sectors.

With our team of dedicated consultants, in-house marketing department, great online presence and numerous social media activities, you can trust us to supply today’s finest talent.

Permanent Search

At Excipion we understand that changing your job is often also changing your way of life. It’s a big decision and at times needs careful planning and the assurance that you are making the right move.

Whether you are looking to take your first step in your career or planning your next move to progress further, our specialist consultants will provide valuable advice from CV writing and interviews to negotiating your next package.

With our comprehensive networks and strong client relationships across the UK, it is likely that we already have a role that matches your expectations for your next move.

Contract Search

We work with a number of clients, placing contractors across various industries including Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Public Sector and Banking and Finance. We have a team of dedicated consultants who work with interim contractors only; this ensures you receive a service that meets your needs;

Consultants that know the market you are working in and are able to react quickly when you have a change in circumstance.
A complete on-boarding process that will ensure you are completely compliant and set up on your new assignment.
A dedicated Contract Support team that is able to work with you to ensure you are paid correctly, whether that be PAYE, Umbrella or Limited.
An easy and simple timesheet service to ensure you are paid on time.
Executive Search

Excipion’s consultants have experience of working with high-level candidates to find them the right opportunity in their markets. Whether you are a CPO, CFO or CTO looking for your next career move, we will always tailor our approach to meet your search requirements.

Using our vast experience and strong network of contacts, we will present opportunities to you that are at the right level and that match your search requirements perfectly.

As an online advertising network, we’re dedicated to increasing your bottom line through powerful ad technologies. Whether you want better performing ad campaigns, or higher revenues from your site traffic, can deliver you superior results.

You have target metrics, and we’ll help you reach them. We can deliver you a high volume of leads, sales, or site visitors at lower media costs.

We ensure the highest quality ad traffic through our patented, real-time ClickShield® technology. We’re also a comScore certified ad network.

Superior service is our priority. Your dedicated account manager can help you set up, manage, and optimize your online ad campaigns to reach the best ROI.

Contextual Advertising is one of the most profitable ways to drive conversions or audience development traffic. You can use the same text ads and keywords as you would on search engines, while reaching more users at better profits on our contextual advertising network.

Our Contextual Advertising platform allows you to target your audiences around the web, using the keywords that are relevant to your business. The technology scans publisher websites in real time, displaying InText ads and Interstitials on sites containing those keywords.

With lower CPCs compared to search engines, you’ll get a much better cost per lead, sale, or unique site visitor.