Even if 2020 was so challenging for us (like for everybody), we had a lot of experiences to share with all of you, folks.

Let’s keep short. I am Volkan, new father of a beautiful daughter, leading a product design studio named Be Happy, since 2017. Based in İstanbul, we are working remotely from the beginning.

Let me share what i have learned from this year…

1) Don’t stay in the comfort zone.

Beginning of 2020, we had the chance, Thanks to Zafer – CEO of İnventiv, to work with Inventiv for creating new brand, to design their websites and to manage social media. At this moment…

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Unofficial Siri App with Workflows feature

As you know that Apple has acquired Workflow which is a popular iOS app for automating common actions on iPads and iPhones. According to Business Insider Siri app is used by seventy percent of iPhone users say that “ We sometimes use Siri but nearly everyone’s tried it.” Only 2% of American iPhone owners have never used Siri.

Volkan Şenol

Product Designer

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