My Adventures in Dressmaking

I’ve always been attracted to dresses. As I child I would cut and tape tissues to create custom pieces for my barbie dolls, adding “prints” with markers and pens. When I graduated to fabric and a sewing machine, my passion grew even more! My mother taught me how to use a machine, but figuring out vintage patterns was a whole new challenge.

I’m a thrifty person, and when I first attempted making dresses from vintage patterns, I would use an old bed sheet instead of buying material at a fabric store. Vintage bed sheets are the best! They were already washed several times, slightly soft, with lovely groovy floral patterns, usually 50% cotton. 50% polyester. It just seemed natural that a vintage bed sheet would go with a vintage pattern! Still today I prefer vintage bed sheets over store bought fabric, for their cheapness and inspiring prints!

When deciding on a pattern to use, I gravitate towards peter pan collars and full skirts. Sleeves are still tricky for me, but lately I’ve been getting better with practice. I find most of my patterns at thrift and craft recycling stores, but occasionally I splurge on a pattern from Etsy or Ebay.

In this little blog I wanted to put all of my dresses in one place, to keep safe in digital format! I sell the finished dresses on Etsy and Ebay so I know longer have them any more. I will probably add more dresses here as I make them!