GMAT registration: Done!

I could not refrain myself from registering for the GMAT exam. The special thing is that I will be having the exam on my 25th birthday this year! I do feel this is a way to motivate myself to do the meaningful thing for such a memorable milestone in one’s life.

Yes, I will have one of the biggest tests in my life, I believe, when I just turn 25 this year!

That will be so wonderful to remind myself that I will rock at least my world for doing such a brave thing to myself. Additionally, just after the test, I will come to pick up my parents at the airport for the first time ever I manage to buy a trip for them.

Surely enough, 25 is a turning point in my life. To tell from the fact that this year, for the first time in my life, I am able to have savings, I know that I start to be mature! I cannot say that I have grown much but I dare say that I start to grow to be a better adult than I might have been if I had still followed my old habit of living 2 years ago.

My maturity certainly started when I had a chance to open my eyes to the world at my first oversea trip to Philippines. Neither I was ready nor I was excited for that trip. I was basically forced in someway to go for that trip without foreseeing that the trip would become such an essential part of my transformation.

Not only that was the first time I got a stamp on my passport since it was issued in 2009, that trip was also a chance for me to witness the growth of a Southeast Asia country like Philippines: the ever lasting stream of cars on the Manila’s multiple — lane streets, the super proficiency in English of seemingly every people. As a curious girl, I tried so hard to discern the reasons behind such development over Vietnam. There is no secret at all. I just need to look at the Filipino and all their hard work. They are really so open minded and hard working that they sooner or later earn their fruits.

Since then, I keep telling myself the same thing over and over again. There is no tremendous recipe to success. Hard work will finally pay off. If you have not realized your success, you have not worked hard enough. That’s all!

Therefore, the GMAT journey will have the same mean of transportation. Just work hard in the right way, I will touch the milestone on my birthday!