My MBA Journey finally starts off!

Two months ago, I chose to start my MBA journey. I knew from the very beginning that I would not be an easy trip to take, but I determined to follow it. I knew that I needed to enrich myself to get further in this world. I wanted to escape the boring and narrow life which had kept me within my four walls since age.

A week ago, I finished taking the TOEFL test. I was really disappointed with my performance, and I was so sure that I would get super low score. That feeling hung in my mind and caused me great depression. Thus, the despair made the trip to Singapore I booked a month earlier so distressed. I made my boyfriend so uneasy because of all my nagging, complaints, and scolding. Despite all of the discomfort with me, he kept making me laugh, teasing me with his seemingly innocent comments about things, and continuing being happy. Even when we came back home, I did not stop annoying him with all my bad sayings and wrenching forehead. He must respond poignantly to me: I am so fed up with your stress. You put it all on me. Why don’t you see that you make our trip a hell? That he yelled at me without refrain makes me realize how bad I was.

I looked back and felt regret about those moments when I could behave better. When he took pictures of our trips, I should have encouraged him. When he asked me to take pictures for him, I should have been more attentive and done with more responsibility. I could have pampered him more when we were so tired after walking for hours and hours per day. In fact, I did not do any of those but all those disconcerted behaviors.

I really don’t want to stay regretful all my life because I cannot control my bad mood over any under performed tasks. I surely want to be a better companion to my boyfriend as he needs me in his life. That is why he does not leave me crumbling like an old grandma. He is so patient and straightforward. He wants the best for me with all his heart. Even if he doesn’t know how, he still wishes great things coming to me. He cannot do anything more but stay by my side, which I should have treasured more. Hence, I should really need to be more positive in what I have done even if I see it was not as good as I wanted.

All the downsides above prove a brilliant point about how strong MBA application process can affect one’s life. I want to keep a good track of this journey to better reflect on myself. It is also a clear way to look at how I grow as a person. The way is still ahead and I just need to take every step slowly and firmly.

And most importantly, steps should always be accompanied with positive mind and gratefulness since I know I will not be alone in this journey.

My next step will be conquer the GMAT. I really learn much from the short TOEFL journey. I hope I can apply some tips and mental tricks to work on the GMAT. Though it is one of the hardest part of MBA application, I will be brave to take it!