5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts To Start A Product Based Business

As someone who’s been through starting their own business, we know how hard it can be. We see potential youth in the entrepreneurial hub struggling to bring their great ideas to life. So here’s your super simple guide to getting started.

The 5 Don’ts:

  1. You definitely don’t need EGP 100,000 to start the business.
  2. Don’t spend time designing a massive product line with 50 different product variations.
  3. You don’t need to sign up for 20 online courses in an effort to ‘perfect’ (there’s no such thing) your skill!
  4. Don’t over plan.

5. You don’t need a dedicated office. Use any free space you’ve got.

The 5 Do’s:

  1. Create the product. Make a prototype. Get feedback. Improve.
  2. Pick a marketing direction. Who are you going to sell the product to?
  3. Create a logo and social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Get your friends and family to share share share!
  4. Set yourself up with a delivery company.
  5. Launch, learn and improve as you go.

Conclusion: Roll up your sleeves and dive in!