Holy Lie. Whom Does the Moscow Patriarch Serve?

Screenshot (after translation) https://www.gazeta.ru/social/news/2022/03/27/17481631.shtml

Russian Orthodox Church

Even if the tank hides in a birch grove, it’s still a tank. Even if a liar puts on a cassock, it is still a liar.

Screenshot https://t.me/slvn_pomet/1180
Rehearsal of the Victory Day in Russia and the air parade of the Luftwaffe.
It seems that Russia is making its war criminals, rapists, and marauders a saint…
Logos of the 133rd Fortress Division (Third Reich) and 4th SS Polizei Panzergrenadier Division

Whom Does the Church Serve In Russia?

Luke 16:13
No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and mammon.

Screenshot https://t.me/dmytrogordon_official Pictured is Patriarch Kirill of Moscow.
The inscription “Lithuania invited the EU to impose sanctions against Kirill”

Holy War or Satanic Invasion?

The Second World War in the USSR was called (in Russia it is still called) — the Great Patriotic War. Also, a holy war. It was called so because the priests blessed the soldier going into battle, who defended his homeland.

Fresco depicting the Antichrist, Pomposa Abbey, Codigoro, Italy, 14th century.
Does this face remind you of anyone?

Sweet Lie

In a twisted world of lies, propaganda through religion is a genius means of manipulation. Because the words from the TV can be doubted (even in Russia). But religious people will believe the words of the priest. And there could be millions of such people.

Is It Possible to Go Unpunished Using the Word Of God?

Not only the Moscow patriarch, but the Russian president also use words from the Bible…

Screenshot https://theweek.com/russia/1011510/putin-quotes-jesus-to-justify-invasion-of-ukraine



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Volodymyr Shliundin

Volodymyr Shliundin

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