VB/JN accidental play

written few minutes ago in FB-chat.


  • JN
  • VB
  • GB

Somewhere. Two presumably human beings sit and talk.


VB gives JN the following image:

JN: Hmmm. Like the sounds. Isn't that third apostrophe the wrong way up though?
You’re using speech as though someone is quoting someone else?

VB: Exactly! I was reading Jean Giraud’s comments on lettering and found this weird combination of quotation marks and apostrophe. And added “etc.”, because everything is better with “etc.”.

JN: There are two — American English and English — ways to punctuate it. I had it as ..
Hang on…

JN looks for a proper examples. After some time gives VB following image:

JN: Top one American English. Bottom English.

VB: Looks not as fun.

JN: For sure. But it transcribes correctly. It’s not what you’re trying to do though is it!
It would be normal to capitalise the Etc. too.
But hey…

VB: Come on!

JN: I know. I’m being boring!

VB: it was just a stupid concrete poem! I wasn’t trying to undermine the way things should be…

JN: I have to watch myself. The ‘teacher’ is lurking there all the time… (Sorry.)

(awkward pause)

VB: is it me or we just wrote a collaborative play?

JN: We cdid.

(awkward pause)

VB: Well… happens. What shall we do now?

(awkward pause)

JN: Put it together as a text?

VB: Ok!

(VB puts the text together for some time. Then he hands the text of their conversation to JN)

JN: That was quick! It’s funny. I should have mentioned my ‘punctuation OCD’. I’m feeling a little pained by some of the omissions. Only two dots for an ellipsis! I’ve broken out in a fever.

Ha ha!

“Jez looks for a proper examples”

VB: I’ve changed few beats so it can be performed on stage.

JN: What! No typing in real time!

VB: Believe me, it’s better that way. As John Ford said “When between truth and legend — choose the legend”.

JN: (laugh.) Actually. Always.

(digestible theatrical pause)

You know, I quite often feel very disappointed when I hear musicians or artists talking about their work. It’s never as interesting as I imagined it would be.

Or their idea of it compared to mine …

VB: Happens. (holds a pause) But! That’s not about this instance.

JN: Who knows…

(short pause).

The end.

Suddenly, GB shows up (rather happy) and handles JN and VB this image:

GB: I loved that play. Brilliant. Here’s something else. And note, I made one of the ellipses slightly smaller just to taunt JN’s punctuation OCD…

VB: Hmmmm….