The closest analog that we have to American collapse is, quite visibly, German collapse — the equivalent of Gestapos and Stasis are rising, as extreme nationalists take control of key institutions. Yet German collapse was caused externally — Germany was made to pay war reparations it simply couldn’t afford, plunging it into a depression, which led to despair, then rage, which demagogues seized upon. “Make Germany Great Again!” — and soon enough, the unthinkable began.
(How) American Collapse Was a Choice
umair haque

This is the most populistic analogy I ever heard. I wish Medium’s algorithm just stopped popping your endlessly similar hysterical articles in front of my eyes. You are using word “collapse” so often that I’m afraid to go outside :) Who knows, maybe everything is collapsed for real. Things are not good, but not ‘deadly bad’. Please take xanax and write at least one constructive article.